30 Best Halloween Door Decorations

Your front door can serve as the centerpiece of your entire Halloween decor.

Wreaths are a tried and true Halloween door decoration, but these days there are tons of ways to make a standard vine wreath suitable for the spooky season, whether it’s with plastic rats, spooky snakes, cobwebs or feathered crows. But if you want to go beyond the basic wreath, there are Halloween banners you can make (even one that looks like vampire teeth) or you can opt for a no-sew fabric panel instead. .

Still not enough? Greet your guests in style with a cobweb doormat or turn your door into a silly, spooky face.

And while decorating the interior of your home is fun, remember that cheaters don’t even walk past your front door. That’s why it makes perfect sense to dress your door to look its best this All Saints Day. Here are 30 creative and easy ways to do just that.

Banner “Boo”

Alice and Lois

“Boo” indeed! With a quintessential Halloween phrase in graphic lettering, tassels and a trendy banner shape, this seamless design will give your front door a oh so cool Halloween look.

Get the Alice & Lois tutorial.

Trick-or-treat banner

trick or treat banner door decoration
Sarah Hearts

Hang this banner to announce that you will be handing out candy this Halloween! Plus, it’s a printable, making it pretty much the easiest DIY ever.

Get the Sarah Hearts tutorial.

spooky feathered crown

black feather crown with skeleton

For something a little spooky, make this wreath using two black feather boas, a crow, preserved moss, plastic spiders, and a skeleton.

Get the DIY in PDX tutorial.

Embroidery hoop holder decoration

halloween door decoration embroidery hoop
My sister’s suitcase

Embroidery hoops aren’t just for embroidery anymore! They can be transformed into so many things, like a spooky spider crown with a real-looking web.

Get the tutorial on My Sister’s Suitcase.

colorful pumpkin wreath

colorful pumpkin wreath for door
Charming indeed

Bring joy to your front door with this brightly colored wreath featuring mini pumpkins.

Get the tutorial on Lovely Indeed.

Vampire teeth garland

outdoor vampire teeth garland
The house that Lars built

This garland is sure to make the kids in the neighborhood laugh. It’s a cinch to do, and it will make your house look like it’s got fake vampire teeth.

Get the tutorial on The House That Lars Built.

black vine wreath

black vine wreath with faux raven
A pumpkin and a princess

For a wreath that looks like it was plucked straight from Disney’s haunted mansion, coat a vine wreath in black paint, then add a black crow, glittering flower stems and black ribbon to tie it all together.

Get the tutorial on A Pumpkin & A Princess.

Bubbling Cauldron Crown

bubbling cauldron halloween door decoration
Certified Celebrant

Double, double, toil and difficulty! The Sanderson sisters would no doubt approve of this witch’s cauldron door decoration, made with nothing but Christmas ornaments.

Get the tutorial on Certified Celebrator.

natural crown

natural crown with faux crow in the middle
Taryn Whiteaker

For a wreath that looks a bit like nature, start with a straw wreath and add a faux crow and polka dot ribbon for Halloween appeal.

Get the Taryn Whiteaker tutorial.

Skull Accents

skull decoration garland
Make Manzanita

Plastic skulls, bones and farm-perfect cotton stalks mix together to create something both tasteful and spooky.

Get the tutorial on Making Manzanita.

white snake crown

white snake crown
gazebo power

Between the waving white snakes and the mummy’s hand holding the crown, it’s definitely an appropriate decoration for Halloween. And the best part? It’s phosphorescent!

Get the Bower Power Tutorial.

Giant spider door decoration

giant spider door decoration
The hood house

To make the area next to your front door just as spooky, hang a gigantic hair-raising spider. Or go broke and place spiders all over your house for a truly spooky effect.

Get the tutorial at The House of Hood.

spider web door decoration

spider web door decoration
Cheerfulness design

For a subtle statement, cover a glass window with a shimmering spider web. Attach the Velcro to the back of the strips for easy removal.

Get the tutorial on Merriment Design.

paper bat holder decoration

paper bat holder decoration
Clark + Aldine

Warning: These paper bats may blow your door off this Halloween. Find a template online, cut them out of black construction paper, cover them with contact paper, and attach them.

Get the tutorial at Clark + Aldine.

Pumpkin doormat

pumpkin doormat
The happy thought

Make a place for this adorable doormat outside your front door. It’s a sweet, non-scary way to decorate your porch for Halloween, and can be left on all season.

Get the tutorial on The Merry Thought.

raven crown

crow wreath door decoration
Twelve on Hand

Short on time ? For this DIY, all you need to do is hot glue three crows to a vine wreath and you’ll be Halloween-ready.

Get the tutorial on Twelve on Main.

Rainbow spider web decoration

Rainbow Spider Web Door Decoration
A posh life in Kailo

Turn a spooky wooden spider web into a cute one with multi-colored acrylic paint and a little spider.

Get the tutorial on A Kailo Chic Life.

Ghostly White Rat Crown

white rat crown
In the Lakehouses

Oh rats! Consider this twist on a vine wreath, spray-painted a ghostly white and decorated with scurrying rats.

Get the tutorial at In the Lakehouse.

Fall pumpkin door decoration

fall pumpkin door decoration
Lily Ardor

Make your front door sparkle by wrapping a vine pumpkin with sparkly additions. Finish it off with a touch of eucalyptus and orange yarn.

Get the tutorial at Lily Ardor.

Retro Halloween Wreath

retro paper halloween door decoration
Improvised design

Step back in time with this vintage-inspired door decoration, made from old-fashioned paper fans.

Get the Design Improvised tutorial.

ghost crown

ghost garland door decoration
Handmade charlotte

To add truth ghoul power up your front door, make this spectral wreath out of things you probably already have around the house like handkerchiefs, an embroidery hoop, ping pong balls, and black paper.

Get the tutorial on Handmade Charlotte.

Spooky Web Door Decoration

spooky web halloween door decoration
gazebo power

When done right, everyday items can be used as Halloween decorations. Drape cheesecloth over the doors for a cobweb-like effect.

Get the Bower Power Tutorial.

witch crown

witch crown door decoration
Improvised design

You can certainly hang a standard wreath for Halloween, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, make one that looks like a flying witch, broom and all.

Get the Design Improvised tutorial.

Halloween sign

happy halloween door decoration
Taryn Whiteaker

Turn to this free printable version if you need an easy solution. Frame the print with wooden paint sticks, then polka dot tape for good measure.

Get the Taryn Whiteaker tutorial.

Spooky face door decoration

spooky face door decoration
Bits & Laughs

Now here is a face that is sure to have some scares! Start with a giant googly, then form a mouth and eyebrows with white pieces of paper.

Get the Bitz & Giggles tutorial.

Skeleton door decoration

skeleton door decoration
Handmade charlotte

Here is a decoration that can make visitors laugh or jump. A silly skeleton, made using a free printable, comes with black construction paper and a glue stick.

Get the tutorial on Handmade Charlotte.

Photo backdrop door decoration

halloween door decoration photo backdrop
A night owl

On Halloween night, your house will be so cool that the kids will undoubtedly take pictures in front of it. Whether it’s your front door or the nearby barn doors, you can create an Instagram-ready photo backdrop with nets and paper spiders.

Get the tutorial on A Night Owl.

Beaded Spider Crown

beaded spiders on a white crown
In the Lakehouse

To add a touch of glamor to your Halloween decorations, prepare this eerily chic wreath. The spiders are made of shiny beads and the white thread is the perfect background to show them off.

Get the tutorial at In the Lakehouse.

Door decoration in Halloween hues

halloween hues
Improvised design

Break out the scrapbooking supplies! Dig into your stash of Halloween-inspired paper and use it to decorate a moss wreath.

Get the Design Improvised tutorial.

Bat doormat

bat doormat
Alice and Lois

Got your wreath and garland? Make it an unforgettable entrance by adding this plush doormat, which started out as a simple outdoor rug and got a whole lot more spooky with a stenciled black bat.

Get the Alice & Lois tutorial.

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