AICO Completes 500,000 Square Foot Manufacturing Warehouse at Key Production Center

AICO’s new warehouse in South Vietnam is now operational.

PICO RIVERA, CA – Full Service Home Furnishing Supplier AICO completed construction of a 500,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse just north of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The facility is equipped with storage space, showrooms and offices.

Since opening, the facility has doubled the number of employees and machines and is on track to ship 50 containers per month. The operation will continue to grow, as AICO says the facility has the capacity to ship up to 500 containers per month.

Additionally, AICO says the warehouse is capable of storing 3,000 containers, all in an air-conditioned environment equipped with 36 automatic shipping and receiving documents with automatic levelers.

More than four stories tall, the curved 68,000 square foot office portion of the structure includes a 34,000 square foot showroom. AICO says the top floor offers luxurious accommodations for management and guests.

“This facility is an incredible addition to AICO’s manufacturing base,” said Martin Ploy, President of AICO. “The new warehouse layout, with all processes in one place, will allow for more seamless operation in the future, increasing our efficiency and control and enabling us to meet our customers’ demands.”

“The investments we are making in our company are significant and we look forward to continuing to grow and expand our offerings at AICO. Expanding our capabilities with this new facility will enable us to achieve this goal,” said Michael Amini, Chief Designer, President and CEO of AICO. “We are very proud of the style and efficiency of this facility, which happens to be one of the most sophisticated and beautiful furniture manufacturing facilities in South Vietnam, and look forward to continued growth with our business partners.”

The facility was completed in 2021, but the move-in was delayed due to the pandemic.

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