Best Squarespace Templates for Interior Designers

Interior designers are pros at creating moods by balancing visual elements to create beautiful spaces, which is actually very similar to website design. Squarespace removes all the intimidating parts of building a website – how the code works – and leaves in all the fun parts AKA what it looks like.

While all Squarespace templates are easy to use and customize to your liking, there are some templates that are best suited for interior designers looking to promote their services and display their most recent projects.

Just as a room can be designed around a centerpiece, your website should be designed around what you want to show. We’ve picked out some of our favorite Squarespace templates that are perfect for interior designers to use to create a great atmosphere and communicate their message.

Is Squarespace good for interior designers?

Squarespace is a great tool for interior designers because it appeals to their natural talents. The website builder provides all the elements you need to create a unique design for your website and makes it easy to move the elements around without any heavy effort. Rather than building your website from scratch with a blank page, a solid template provides the right elements needed to have a strong impact on your website and you are free to deviate from it as much as you want.

What is the difference between the version 7.0 and version 7.1 models?

Squarespace is constantly updating its template inventory, and every template it currently offers is version 7.0 or 7.1. With all models, SEO, trading, and analytics tools are the same. Templates in version 7.0 are divided into different design families and come with predefined features that you cannot change. The models in version 7.1 are all considered part of the same family and provide more possibilities to choose from a variety of pre-designed design elements that give the designer more control. If you select a version 7.1 template, you will not be able to switch between layouts.

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