Big Brother Australia 2021 ultimate player Danny Hayes goes wild on his housemates

There’s no denying that Danny Hayes dominated Big Brother from the moment he stepped foot inside the house.

A shameless strategist, the 53-year-old real estate mogul has spent much of the season making big moves and talking about a big game.

Describing himself as “the general,” Danny took an almost military approach to gameplay: divide and conquer.

Danny “The General” Hayes is Big Brother’s ultimate strategist. Credit: Seven

While this made the viewing compelling (and won many fans online), Danny’s ruthless pursuit of power put him in hot water with his comrades.

Several candidates complained about his behavior and there were accusations of intimidation.

As Big Brother hit the middle of the season, decided it was right to sit down with the general and give him the chance to respond to some of the criticism that has been leveled at him until present.

In our discuss along with your former householder Christopher Wayne, you have been described as “off balance” and a bully. What do you think about this?

Well, first of all, I had to find out what “unbalanced” means. And secondly, sorry, who is Christopher? Was he on the show?

Chris tried - and failed - to make a move to kick Danny out.
Chris tried – and failed – to make a move to kick Danny out. Credit: Seven

He came out swinging the baseball bat, he wanted to be a great player, and that was a little snack for me, nothing but a dish. He wasn’t popular around the house, and that’s why he was kicked out – no bullying on my part.

“Was he on the show?  Danny Wild Chris.
“Was he on the show? Danny Wild Chris. Credit: Seven

In a separate interview with PopSugar, Lil Ahenkan (aka Flex Mami) described you as “hyper-masculine, misogynistic and a bit sexist.” What is your reaction to these comments?

I was a little shocked that she made these statements, but some of these social influencers are looking to make headlines. Katie is no different. I had a conversation of about 30 seconds with her the entire time she was in the house.

Danny said Flex's criticism of her was that she was 'looking for a title'.
Danny said Flex’s criticism of her was that she was ‘looking for a title’. Credit: Seven

So if Flex or Lil ‘or … whatever her name … wants to go get the low blow, she can. But I employ 35 women full time, so I hardly think I’m a misogynist. For some women, no matter what you say, you’ll never be right. It was his opinion.

You helped kick out her longtime rival Katie last week. In his post-expulsion discuss With, Katie said she “ didn’t feel comfortable living with Daniel and I didn’t appreciate the way he spoke to me. ” Did these remarks surprise you?

You should ask her why she said these things. This is his opinion. She can make sweeping statements if she wishes; she is clearly unhappy, but her entire alliance has rejected her, which says a lot about who she really is. Katie must be wondering why this happened.

I saw some comments she made [online] about poor editing, but maybe instead of complaining about poor editing, she can use her time to reflect on her life and behavior.

What do you mean?

Well, the cameras don’t lie, and due to her behavior, her own team rejected her. Everyone was tired of Katie whispering in people’s ears, telling them who to name. She wasn’t even discreet. She can whine, she can complain about the editing, but she’s gone now.

Katie was Danny's biggest rival in the house ... until he orchestrated his eviction.
Katie was Danny’s biggest rival in the house … until he orchestrated his eviction. Credit: Seven

I hope she can learn from this experience. It was nice to meet someone on this planet who is more egotistical than me. So it was awesome!

Why do you think so many expelled candidates have targeted you?

It’s just sour grapes and cheap shots, but I’m building a supporting army. Every time Katie posts something online, it snaps back into place, which is good. I think people see that I am genuine.

New intruders in Big Brother's house have changed the game.
New intruders in Big Brother’s house have changed the game. Credit: Seven

The intruders have arrived and the game is changed again. What’s the biggest threat in the house now?

I am the biggest threat. But other than me, the biggest threat in the house is Ari because he’s unpredictable. He’s a liar. You never know where he is because he lies about everything.

And who is the biggest passenger?

Charlotte is the biggest passenger. It is nothing more than a Christmas decoration. Maybe Sid too, to an extent, but he’s a cool guy, though. Honestly, most of the people in the house are lucky to be there.

Danny said Sid is a
Danny said Sid is a “nice guy”, but maybe nothing more than a “Christmas decoration”. Credit: Seven

Some of these guys think they’re in the Bahamas. Over 60,000 people have applied for Big Brother, and they’re hanging out by the pool.

Why do you deserve to win Big Brother?

Are you serious? No one is more deserving than me. I hardly slept at all in the house. I was totally in the combat zone the entire time.

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