Catering Hardware Salon Ideas: 10 Looks Fans Will Love

Love Restoration Hardware living room ideas but not sure how to get there? Too often, living rooms become one of two things: either a dumping ground for unsuitable furniture, or half-baked design ideas that never quite hit form and function. But these central gathering places are essential to family life and should be as versatile as they are aesthetic. Sounds like a job for the pros.

Through the demanding design lens of Restoration Hardware – a brand well known for its one-stop-shop approach to beautiful, well-designed living room ideas – we asked top designers to prepare their backs for a successful living room space. Let the gathering begin!

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Restoration Hardware lounges have a distinct look but more importantly they are designed to suit chic and elegant yet casual spaces. They are suitable for all purposes, from formal living rooms to family rooms, and can be adapted to the style of your home. Here we are talking to designers who love using Restoration Hardware for their living room style.

1. Invest in comfort and quality

Living room with armchairs and sofa with window to the rear

(Image credit: Anne Hepfer)

“To me, Restoration Hardware living room pieces instantly communicate comfort and quality,” shares a Toronto-based interior designer Anne Hepfer (opens in a new tab). “I love their Belgian linens and overall rustic-modern vibe, especially for the homes in nature.”

Citing the brand’s quality and convenience, Hepfer confirms that “RH has it all – we source lighting, hardware, furniture and accessories from one place and know we deliver timeless, well-made pieces” .

Setting a tone of unity, Restoration Hardware makes the goal of cohesion easy to achieve. Hepfer adds, “I love designing living rooms because they are one of the most used spaces in a home, not to mention the place where family gathers and creates memories.

2. Create an experiential space

Living room with stone fireplace, blue furniture in an alcove and white armchairs around a coffee table

(Image credit: Aspen & Ivy)

Principal designer for an Ontario-based design firm aspen and ivy (opens in a new tab)Ria DaCosta explains that she loves the creative freedom inherent in living room design.

“Unlike dining rooms or bedrooms which both require specific types of furniture like tables and beds,” she says, “living rooms, on the other hand, can look very different from project to project – from furniture styles to layout configuration and everything in between.’

Echoing these bold sentiments, Hepfer chimes in, explaining, “My goal is to make a space experiential through concept and feeling. Who doesn’t love an experiential space the whole family can enjoy?

3. Follow the floor plan

Living room with pink sofa and striped armchair

(Image credit: Katie Davis/Photos by Melissa Fitzgerald West)

When it comes to designing a thoughtful living room layout, let function lead the way and form will follow.

“A living room is a space in the home that demands both comfort and beauty,” explains the Houston-based designer. Katie Davis (opens in a new tab). “I love being able to play with upholstery and patterns and create unique pieces that are comfortable first, but also pretty.”

Interior designer based in New York Cara Woodhouse (opens in a new tab) calls for spatial considerations when plotting space. “Make sure you have multiple areas to move around in, even if it’s just one room,” she says. “Your guests and family need multiple paths to comfortably enter and exit the space.”

4. Sofa or sectional?

Living room with blue sofa

(Image credit: Katie Davis/Photos by Melissa Fitzgerald West)

When it comes to living room sofa ideas, what do you choose? “For me, this decision comes down to two factors: what are the functional requirements of the space and what is the client’s preference? queries DaCosta, responding that “sofas tend to be more conversational and often more formal compared to sectionals which, while also inviting for conversation, tend to lend themselves more to lounging and relaxing and can therefore be used as more informal pieces.

Hepfer firmly states, “For a cozy and relaxed bedroom, sectional living room ideas are the answer – think movie nights with the kids and pets, or morning coffee with a crossword puzzle. And, for a more polished and elegant vibe, sofas are the way to go.

Davis adds, “I prefer the living room to have a mix of sofas and chairs to stimulate conversation.”

5. Design with wellness in mind

Living room with large windows and fireplace

(Image credit: Viola Interior Design)

Beyond aesthetics, the New York designer laurence carr (opens in a new tab) takes a holistic approach to the living room, especially when it comes to living room curtain ideas.

“Designing with wellness in mind helps me inform every choice I make,” she shares. “Whenever possible, I include plenty of natural light and draw attention to windows, which not only let in sunlight, but lend a biophilic quality to a living space by blurring the lines between inside and outside.”

6. Make sure your living room is versatile

White living room with double height ceilings and windows

(Image credit: Laure Nell Interiors)

Laetitia Laurent, lead designer for the South Florida-based company Laure Nell Interiors (opens in a new tab)breaks down the importance of versatility that neutral living room ideas can offer.

“A living room should be versatile and engaging, which always takes its guests on a beautiful design journey,” she thinks.

Laurent often looks to Restoration Hardware’s living room ideas for inspiration, saying, “I love how the pieces feel grounded. They’re neutral without being boring, so they provide the perfect base palette for many design styles.

A particularly appealing aesthetic for this Parisian native, “depending on what other elements you pair the room with, you can go from a relaxed modern California vibe to a glam golden Parisian vibe.”

The key is to leave space open for growth and reinvention.

7. Create a focal point

Living room with fireplace in the center and furniture gathered around a rug

(Image credit: Aspen & Ivy)

“I would say the main consideration when selecting the right mat is size,” says DaCosta. “People often choose rugs that are too small, so the trick is to make sure all the furniture in the space is fully or at least halfway down the rug – this helps anchor the room and keeps everything well proportioned.”

But when it comes to layering living room rug ideas, she’s nonpartisan, “I rarely layer rugs and prefer to keep it simple with just one, but make sure you have a good underpad though. thick both for comfort and to preserve the longevity of your mat.’

Davis shares DaCosta’s simple mantra, but adds, “Layering in interior design is nice if you have a large space that needs a base, or if you’ve purchased an antique rug that’s smaller.

Hepfer continues, “Using a variety of different rug materials and sizes will help the room feel cohesive and warm.

8. Make a Coffee Table Feature

Living room with bay window, pale blue walls, built-in bookcases, cream sofa with multicolored cushions and large square coffee table

(Image credit: Alecia Neo)

Coffee table decoration ideas will enhance the style of your Restoration Hardware living room.

“Good coffee table books are a must,” says Laurent. “They give personality to the space and you tell a lot about who lives there – I love coordinating them with the color palette of the room, mixing content and form.”

Houston-based designer Nina Magon (opens in a new tab) seconds this notion of coffee table style, exposing their wide range of options and their versatility make them a great decorative element for any space. “They can be simple yet inherently elegant,” she explains, “and great conversation starters for showcasing the owner’s personal interests.”

9. Make sure your living room is fit for purpose

neutral living room with large section, log pile, coffee table, curtains, black crystal windows, stone fireplace

(Image credit: Murphy Maude Interiors/Lisa Hubbard)

When it comes to the durability of a living room, Laurent gets into character. “I envision throwing a party that informs performance fabrics to withstand spills and a nice side table to sit your drink on,” she says. “Following this idea for a movie, I’ll imagine the owners lounging around with family, so the fabric should be soft and inviting.”

10. Mix materials according to interest

living room with textured wallpaper, fireplace, wooden bookcase, cream sofa, green velvet chairs and statement lamp

(Image credit: Fiona Barratt Projects)

“The mix of materials is so important,” says Woodhouse. “It’s about layering and one way to do that is to mix different materials and textures in a space – for example you can do a cotton twill sofa with velvet pillows and it creates a mixture of contrasting textures that I love.”

Davis notes, “We like to integrate upholstered items with woven pieces, with antiques – the mix of textures and materials adds soul to a space.

What kind of style is a Restoration Hardware show?

A Restoration Hardware living room is usually comfortable and lived in, while maintaining an elegant air. Laetitia Laurent, principal designer at South Florida-based Laure Nell Interiors, explains that “the pandemic and the need for rest have created a desire for a variety of tactile experiences. In your living room, you’ll want a crisp linen for its clean-lined effect, but it’s also lovely paired with nubby bouclé or soft chenille for a laid-back, cozy vibe.

What is the best Restoration Hardware living room furniture?

Senior designer at Ontario-based design firm Aspen & Ivy, Ria DaCosta shares her love for a Restoration Hardware living room classic: the French Contemporary Coffee Table (opens in a new tab). “Its simple design lends itself well to many different design styles, and I love the range of finishes that give it a unique look every time. I’m also a sucker for a functional coffee table, so the fact that it having a bottom shelf is a huge win!

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