Disturbing Halloween decoration falls after residents complain

A Harnett County family removed a Halloween decoration that many residents interpreted as an offensive display.

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Yes, Gerald. And tonight we’re outside the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, where investigators got involved in this case. They say they actually stopped by the house and once they had a chat with the family, they took it off the display when they realized the harm it had caused to this community. I just walked past it and it looks so real I stopped screaming at first glance for D’Angelo McDougall an exhibit showing what appears to be a fully clothed man with his hands tied behind the back, hanging from a tree. If you pass by and just take a look, you’ll be like someone hanging from a tree. McDougall posted the image on social media in hopes of shedding some light on the situation. Since tonight it’s been shared more than 360 times, with locals who’ve seen it in person saying it’s hitting close to home for families of color. My daughter is mixed race, she is white, black and Indian and I don’t want her to grow up seeing these things. When we passed the house this evening, the exhibit had been dismantled. Maj. Aaron MEREDITH with the Harney County Sheriff’s Office told me that investigators had spoken with the owners of the controversial exhibit, The Family as a Hispanic Family Halloween decoration that they had installed. And I guess once that’s been explained to them with, you know, kind of how it’s perceived. They were very, they realized they were very sorry and they took it down immediately, Harney County residents who spoke out, grateful to see a positive resolution. If the intent wasn’t what we thought, then uh, you know, that’s the best outcome, and community members say they hope it’s a learning lesson for the family involved . Investigators say there is no policy prohibiting these types of postings on private property.

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