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Toilet paper is a product with which we interact on a daily basis without necessarily considering the impact of such an ordinary object on the planet. For example, not only does it take an average of 37 gallons of water and a gallon of chemicals to produce a roll of toilet paper, these chemicals used to make comfortable toilet paper in turn release toxins in our backyards. water. PlantPaper, a company offering a more sustainable, bamboo-based alternative to regular toilet paper, is trying to raise awareness of this problem in an attempt to reverse this environmental damage. An unconventional way to get the word out? Get involved in New York Design Week.

The Under / Over East toilet tissue holder designer collection on display at 106 Eldridge St. in Manhattan

Following on from their first successful event in Los Angeles in 2020, PlantPaper has partnered with Marta Gallery to produce “Under / Over East,” an exhibition which opened on November 13 with a reception at 106 Eldridge St in Manhattan. This design exhibition showcases artists’ interpretations of a humble bathroom: the toilet paper holder.

Lee Reitelman, one of the co-founders of PlantPaper, said when it came to thinking about how to organize an interesting creative event, “We were interested in the toilet roll holder, which, like toilet paper, has long been an afterthought for most.It’s something that people don’t really look at or take great pride in choosing. So we thought, what better way to get people to look at their bathroom and think a little differently about their choices than for artists to approach this particular design problem. ”

The toilet paper holder designed by artist Emily Schubert is currently installed at Lil Deb’s Oasis in Hudson, NY

Jaye Kim’s design on display at the Salter Room / Picture House in Brooklyn

To complete the show with some interesting up and coming artists, Under / Over teamed up with new PIN-UP publisher and furniture designer Emmanuel Olunkwa, who recruited over 25 artists to contribute their own creations to the show. The roster is a mix of established designers, architects and artists, including names like Gaetano Pesce, Minjae Kim, Simone Bodmer-Turner, Dong-Ping Wong, Ellen Van Dusen, and more.

Atypical to your regular design week shows, “Under / Over East” works more like a walking tour than a gallery show. Artists and designers have been invited to create two editions of their toilet paper holders, and while one is mounted and visible 24/7 in a storefront on Manhattan’s Eldridge Street, their other piece will be installed. in a location in New York so people can experience it up close. Reitelman says the PlantPaper team “loved the idea of ​​pointing to a community of businesses, restaurants, clothing, stores, that we feel connected with in terms of ethics and values. And we wanted to. sort of steer our audience in the direction of these places, just in the spirit of reopening the city, people taking over public life, seemed important and fun to be able to do that. “

John Sohn’s “Pillow for Toilet Paper” exhibited at Sky Ting Yoga

The design inspired by Sam Stewart’s reels at MATTER

If you want to experience the pieces yourself and enjoy a creative walking tour of the city, you can find all the locations on the Marta Gallery website. Each work has been produced in an edition of 2 and is available for price request through Marta Gallery.

Under / Over East will be on display in multiple locations around New York City until December 31, 2021.

More works featured in Under / Over East:

Design by Ellen Van Dusen

Design by Nifemi Ogunro

Design by Simone Bodmer Turner

Design by Minjae Kim

Design by Natalie Weinberger

Design by Axelle Dechelette

Design by Ellen Pong

Design by Ian Felton

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Phoenix man’s Christmas decorations ruined for second year in a row Wed, 24 Nov 2021 00:09:26 +0000

It’s that time of year again – it’s time to set up the Xmas decorations and spread the holiday cheer – but it looks like the Grinch is out too.

South Phoenix homeowner says his lights and decorations were destroy and everything was filmed.

John Decker says that for the past eight years he has installed Christmas decorations and expanded his festive display every year. But now he’s on edge after kids stop to destroy them.

“One night I went out and it was gone and I was like, where did it go?” Decker said. It seems that those responsible are children.

“I looked at the camera and noticed a kid had just come up and grabbed some scissors and cut them off and cut off the inflatable’s nose,” Decker said.

Over the past two days, he says someone has pulled over at his South Mountain home and that he will destroy something new every time. They first cut his Christmas lights, then stole a light projector, then cut off the nose of an inflatable polar bear.

“It makes me sad, you know, to see. Why would he do something like that? I’d rather see someone take it. Maybe they’ll take it and maybe use it to make a kid happy or something like that, but just to destroy it, I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it, ”Decker said.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. Last year someone stole his snowman.

“A car had pulled over here on this side of the house. The next thing you know, the snowman is moving and taking off, so they took it,” Decker said.

Phoenix police sergeant. Ann Justus says there are ways to protect your decorations.

“Leave your decorations out maybe until a while, maybe when you go to bed around 10 p.m. or something if you can bring the inflatables. You know, for kids who think that is. is a harmless prank, Many of them are crimes, ”Justus warned.

For now, Decker says it’s not about the dollar value of what was taken, but that someone decided to do it in the first place and ruin the holiday spirit. .

“I don’t want to see the kid like, get in trouble. Hope the parents can see it and maybe have a conversation with them. It’s disturbing to see a kid doing something like that on the way. from school, ”Decker said.

He filed a police report and says he will repair and replace his decorations. He’ll also be watching his cameras a bit more closely now.

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]]> Bipartite Infrastructure Law Includes New Safety Measures for Railways | Hogan Lovells Tue, 23 Nov 2021 19:16:55 +0000

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, HR 3684 (117), was enacted by President Biden on November 15, 2021. In addition to $ 66 billion in funding for passenger and freight railways, the law contains a number of new rail safety measures to be implemented by the US Department of Transportation acting through the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Most of the new measures target rail passenger safety and one of them could lead to significant changes in interior standards for passenger cars. In particular, the potential rules arising from FRA’s analysis on occupant restraint systems and air bags could lead to the most significant change in design standards for passenger equipment in more than 20 years.

  • Emergency lighting for passenger trains: Within a year, FRA is due to launch regulations requiring passenger trains to be equipped with emergency lighting systems in the event of a power failure. Lighting should be bright enough to allow passengers, crew and first responders to orient themselves, identify obstacles, move safely in the car, and evacuate safety in the event of an accident. accident or derailment. (article 22406).
  • Assessment of passenger security systems: The new law requires the FRA to estimate the costs and benefits of implementing new rail passenger protection, including occupant restraint systems, air bags and emergency window restraint systems. FRA will also look at the costs and benefits of changes to other interior design elements, including seats, baggage restraints and table configurations. The FRA will report the results to Congress and the FRA will have the power to promulgate regulations based on its findings. (article 22420).
  • Audit of the operator training program: The new law directs the FRA to conduct an audit to determine whether locomotive driver training programs provide locomotive engineers and conductors with the knowledge and ability to safely operate a locomotive or train. (article 22410).
  • Drug tests for mechanical workers: Within six months, the FRA must change its rules on drug and alcohol testing (random testing, reasonable suspicion, reasonable cause, pre-employment, return-to-work and follow-up testing) to cover employees who perform mechanical activities. (article 22427).
  • Application of the maximum authorized speed: The new law requires suburban and intercity railways to identify sections of track where trains must slow to more than 20 mph from their approach speed and to describe actions to warn and enforce maximum speed authorized for passenger trains in these sections. (article 22415).
  • Review of Amtrak’s security processes: The new law requires the FRA to conduct a review of Amtrak’s security-related processes and procedures, compliance with security requirements, and overall security culture. FRA is required to report its findings to Congress within one year. (article 22407).
  • Level crossing improvements: The new law provides funding for the creation of a portal that passers-by can use to report blocked passages. It also provides for an FRA review of state crossing laws and periodic updates of crossing reports and plans. (Articles 22404, 22401, 22403, respectively).
  • Accident and incident investigations: The new law requires the secretary to create a standard process that investigators can use to collect information during FRA investigations into accidents and incidents. (article 22417).

FRA’s audit of train crew training programs, long sought after by the railway workforce, will likely lead to recommended changes in training and certification requirements for locomotive engineers and supervisors. train.

Emergency lighting is present on many passenger trains in service today, but the new lighting rule will likely trigger retrofit requirements for some equipment in service.

However, the burden of modernizing passenger train lighting would be small compared to the cost of the new interior restraint systems, if they were mandatory. In fact, we think FRA’s analysis of occupant restraint systems and air bags could trigger proposals for the most significant change in passenger equipment design standards since the promulgation of train equipment safety standards passengers in 1999. For example, FRA’s analysis of passenger car interior restraint systems is by far the most important new rail safety measure in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

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Polestar to market Precept electric sedan in 2024 with new name – TechCrunch Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:00:58 +0000

The Polestar Precept sedan – the concept vehicle turned production project – has a new name and an official launch date. The company, the electric performance brand spun off from Volvo Car Group, has dubbed the shark-nosed sedan Polestar 5 and announced that it will go into production in 2024.

When Polestar first unveiled the Precept in early 2020, it was seen as a mere concept car, albeit strikingly intended to indicate where this new venture was headed. In September of the same year, Polestar announced that the Precept would go into production. At the time, Polestar had not indicated when this could happen beyond a “before 2025” wave.

Since then, Polestar has released teasers and a few details of its Precept sedan, including a few YouTube videos meant to give an overview of the overall design, development and possibly the production process. Polestar’s latest video focuses on what inspired the exterior design.

The video spends most of its nearly 4-minute time with Nahum Escobedo, Precept’s exterior design manager. So what inspired the crisp exterior lines? Sharks and planes – at least in part, Escobedo said.

precept polestar 5

Image credits: Polestar / screenshot

“For this project, we also wanted something very elegant, but also something that has a certain speed,” he says in the video. “So for me the shark had this certain feeling. “

The dramatic rear of the Polestar 5 shows off the long aerodynamic blade lumen, another initial design feature that seems to persist for the production version.

precept polestar 5

Image credits: Polestar / screenshot

Polestar hasn’t shared any specs like battery life or powertrain in this new video. We know it will follow the Polestar 3, an all-electric SUV, which is slated to go into production in 2022.

Polestar’s first production vehicle was the Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid grand tourer. The Polestar 2 all-electric sedan followed in 2020. No word yet on what Polestar 4 is – assuming the company will continue with the digital nomenclature.

The latest glimpse of Polestar 5, the electric vehicle formerly known as Precept, follows two major expansions and financial moves by the company earlier this year. Polestar announced in late September that it had reached a deal to go public through a special-purpose merger and acquisition with Gores Guggenheim Inc. in a deal that is expected to value the combined company at $ 20 billion. Once the merger is completed, the amalgamated company will be owned by a new public company named Polestar Automotive Holding UK Limited. The company is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “PSNY”.

In June, the company announced that it would manufacture the Polestar 3 in the United States. The Polestar 3 will be assembled at a factory shared with Volvo Cars at a plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Production of Polestar 3 is expected to begin globally in 2022.

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The 30 best Black Friday 2021 Toronto deals announced so far Mon, 22 Nov 2021 23:19:44 +0000

The Black Friday Deals for 2021 in Toronto feature a number of big box stores like Walmart and Best Buy offering huge discounts with local stores having their own deals. Don’t be the last to take advantage of the best deals of the year.

Here’s a look at some of the best Black Friday deals in Toronto so far.

Big box

The big box store has announced its Canadian Black Friday sale which will begin on November 25 and run through Cyber ​​Monday. The company announced its Black Friday Advance Deals, which are currently in effect and offer discounts on TVs, FitBits and even computers.

Canadian tire

Save up to 70 percent at iconic Canadian hardware. The sale will run from November 25-28 and will be packed with offers on everything from holiday decorating to home appliances.

Best buy

From the latest smartphone to the all-new TV, Best Buy is offering discounts on all the latest technology until Cyber ​​Monday. The tech store also offers free shipping on online orders over $ 35 that don’t require scheduled delivery.


The largest online tech company has announced offers of up to 60% off, including 40% off Amazon devices, 40% off kitchen appliances and 30% off various toys. The first deals have already started with the deals from Black Friday through Cyber ​​Monday.


The Swedish furniture and home decor store is going green this Black Friday with savings on various items, including 25% on their circular hubs.

The Bay

Toronto’s oldest department store has pre-Black Friday deals on a number of products, including 50% off select fragrances and big savings on exercise bikes and dumbbell sets.

The last scoop

The fashion boutique with multiple locations in Toronto offers discounts of up to 70% for Black Friday. Sales have already started.

Peace Collective

This Toronto clothing store sells everything for up to 60 percent off. Their Peace Week sale begins November 22 at 7 p.m. until November 29. Splurge with Toronto vs Everything gear at their Union Station location.


Treat yourself to some new workout clothes at this athleisure branded store on Queen West, 30% off until November 29.

Duer Toronto

You can never have too many pairs of jeans and now you can get up to 40% off their high performance pants from Queen West’s flagship product.


Sales at this women’s clothing store are going to be crazy this year with up to 50 percent off. Grab this new Super Puff coat that you are watching with the current warm-up sale and offers running through Cyber ​​Monday.

At Tom’s

The Kensington Market for formal suits has already started its Black Friday sale. From designer shirts to tailored suits, save hundreds of dollars on costumes for your next official event.

Sports Check

From Nike gear to the latest sports gear, you can get up to 60% off everything in store. Grab some of the latest athletic wear or grab some new skates while you’re at it.

Ai Toronto Seoul

Pick up new accessories at this family-owned Toronto store. The sale includes discounts on their popular bags and other items that will be up to 30 percent off.


If you’re looking to revamp your accessories, this accessory brand is offering 30-65% off their popular items. From rings to sunglasses, there are a ton of accessories you can get your hands on.

18 Expectations

This West Queen West menswear store is offering 30% off their shirts for Black Friday. From flannel shirts to dress shirts, the store is a must-have for men’s clothing.

North Stallion Trading Post

Shop for accessories from this Canadian brand online with 25% off everything from November 23 to 29.


The Toronto swimwear company is offering a 30% sitewide discount from November 26-29. Just use code BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout.


The Black Friday Week Sale at this camera store includes free shipping, a gift card, and up to $ 1,000 off cameras and lenses online and in-store from November 26 through 2 December.

Computing Canada

Save up to $ 300 on the latest laptops and monitors at this Toronto tech store. Find deals on everything from gaming chairs to the new hard drive.

Radio Bay Bloor

Buy all your music needs in this music store with speakers, headphones and stands from 20% off. If the price of an item drops before or during Black Friday, the store will refund the difference.

Interior decoration and furniture

Everything in this minimalist interior design store is 15% off. Save on stylish new shelves and wooden stools.


This home decor store offers savings of up to 70% that will help make your home more comfortable for the holidays. The store also offers free shipping for online orders over $ 100.


Ossington’s contemporary furniture store, known for its sofas, offers 20% discounts on everything.

The pleasure of majesty

Get up to $ 100 off their mystery box filled with the season’s most sought-after beauty brands.


Thousands of beauty products and accessories will be discounted for under $ 20 with deals on skin care tools up to 30% off. Plus, get free shipping on all orders with the code FREESHIP.

Bath and Body

From soaps to hand sanitizers to candles, buy three items and get three more free items on everything in store.

Stopping the game

Save up to 75% on select games, clothing and toys. Plus, get an additional 50% trade credit when you redeem for anything in their flyer.


Get up to 40% off the last books of the season and 30% off must-have toys.


Stock up on all your favorite teas in time for the cold season with up to 50% off their pre-Black Friday sale available online and in store.

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Barry Callebaut: The chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa now available in Mexico – the 50th world market Mon, 22 Nov 2021 11:04:11 +0000

Strengthening our global leadership in chocolate decorations

From left to right: Rene Chavez – Sales Director Gourmet Mexico; Ofelia Elias – Marketing of the gastronomic trade; Chef Alan Espinoza – Chef of the Chocolate Academy in Mexico; Olga Garcia – Marketing Director Mexico; Chef José Ramón Castillo – Michelin-starred chocolate maker Mexico

Mona Lisa, Barry Callebaut’s global decoration brand, continues to expand geographically and is now also present in Mexico. We celebrated this milestone with Chef José Ramón Castillo, Mexico’s famous star chocolatier, via a live broadcast.

Our chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa® brings the most artistic chocolate creations to life. Its goal is to create a WOW! factor for consumers by color, taste, texture and shape. With its chocolate decorations, Mona Lisa allows chefs to delight their customers with unique and exceptional creations while making their work in the kitchen more efficient.

Today’s consumers crave intense sensory pleasures. A high-end dessert should not only satisfy the palate, but enchant it. To do this, it must appeal to all the senses and also stimulate them with color, texture and shape. I am delighted that Mexican consumers can experience this in the future.

Patricia Cas Medina, world leader of the Mona Lisa brand

The introduction of Mona Lisa to Mexico is a perfect example of our Gourmet approach. We seized the pandemic as an opportunity to refine our business model and expand our customer footprint. With Mona Lisa, we further cover the product needs of our customers and help them enrich their offer by making it visually appealing.

Dries Roekaerts, Vice President of Global Gourmet at Barry Callebaut

Active on five continents and in 50 countries

The launch of Mona Lisa in Mexico is another milestone on an impressive expansion journey. Founded in 1987 by pastry chef Peter Thom, who had a vision to produce prefabricated decorations to make his desserts more appealing, our global chocolate decoration brand Mona Lisa is now active on five continents and in 50 markets. Even the COVID-19 pandemic has not been able to slow recent growth.

In India, Mona Lisa launched in January 2021 with a product portfolio for the fast growing professional home baking and ice cream markets. In Brazil, Mona Lisa was launched in March 2021 to conquer the market for high-end decorations. And since this year, China is no longer a blind spot on the map either. With the launch of Mona Lisa in this huge market, our goal is to continue to take a leading position in the gastronomy and specialties market and to develop value-added products specifically for Chinese consumers.

Artistic creations with 100% sustainably sourced cocoa

Chocolate for Mona Lisa® is made from 100% sustainable cocoa that supports cocoa farming communities through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, our preferred vehicle for enabling the implementation of sustainability activities. Cocoa Horizons is an impact-driven program focused on the prosperity of cocoa farmers and helping to create self-sustaining farming communities that protect nature and children.

Mona Lisa offers a full range of decorations

Mona Lisa offers a full palette of decorations to add color, flavor, texture and shape to chocolates, pastries, desserts and pastries. Customers include in-store bakeries, hotels, restaurants, caterers and industrial bakeries. Mona Lisa is continually expanding its product portfolio to provide customers with the most inspired and unique products needed to create world-class desserts. Our entire decor portfolio is now under our global decor brand Mona Lisa with iconic products such as Crispearls®, ChocRocks®, Blossoms, Shavings and Granellas.


Barry Callebaut SA published this content on 22 November 2021 and is solely responsible for the information it contains. Distributed by Public, unedited and unmodified, on November 22, 2021 11:03:05 AM UTC.

Public now 2021

All the news of BARRY CALLEBAUT AG

Analyst Recommendations on BARRY CALLEBAUT AG

Sales 2022 7 652 million
8,244 million
8,244 million
Net income 2022 431 million
465 million
465 million
Net debt 2022 1,031 million
1,110 million
1,110 million
PER 2022 ratio 29.2x
Yield 2022 1.37%
Capitalization 12,606 million
13 611 million
13,581 million
VE / Sales 2022 1.78x
VE / Sales 2023 1.66x
Number of employees 12 783
Free float 64.1%

Duration :


Technical Analysis Chart of Barry Callebaut AG |  MarketScreener

Trends in technical analysis BARRY CALLEBAUT AG

Short term Mid Road Long term
Tendencies Bullish Neutral Neutral

Evolution of the income statement

To sell

To buy

Average consensus SURPASS
Number of analysts 9
Last closing price

CHF 2,300.00

Average price target

CHF 2,398.13

Spread / Average target 4.27%

Passengers are back in Logan, and the people who run the airport hope they will enjoy it more now. Sun, 21 Nov 2021 21:56:27 +0000

“I really believe that space can affect people, as an architect,” said Luciana Burdi, director of capital programs and environmental affairs for Massport. “So the more we design the space to be more conducive, more inclusive, the better we can affect people. “

Even at the height of the pandemic restrictions, Logan was never quite sorry. But there were a lot fewer passengers. Massport measured around 804,832 passengers last December, a 76% drop from the 3.3 million who passed through Logan in December 2019. By September, that number had dropped to 2.2 million, and with the restrictions lifted on international travel, it will likely continue to increase during the holidays.

This means directing passengers to new (or not so new) equipment: large touch screens for terminal maps; comfy seating for disparate needs, knowing that those classic black airport door chairs may not be suitable for someone trying to send a few upstream emails on a laptop, or a family with young people children who need a little more space.

Massport is also offering its new app, FlyLogan, which CIO Kwang Chen says will make travel days a little less stressful. Through the app, passengers can book a parking reservation or a Logan Express ticket in advance. They can Access live multilingual customer service representatives via video chat, search for flight information and order food or coffee from anywhere in the airport to be delivered to them in person wherever they are they find themselves.

Passengers used the pedestrian bridge to access Terminal C at Boston Logan International Airport.Craig F. Walker / Globe Staff

The delivery service, branded BOS2GO, allows ordering from anywhere in the airport, Chen said, much like on DoorDash or GrubHub. A hungry passenger standing in a security line at Terminal A could order, for example, a fisherman’s tray from Legal Sea Foods in Terminal C or a latte from Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Terminal B and – once security passed – a delivery man in a light blue jacket will bring it to their door. The service is run by Houston-based airport e-commerce company Serviy, formerly known as Grab.

“What creates the most stress for people to fly is uncertainty,” Chen said. “How long is the TSA waiting time going to last?” Will I park? Will I get a Logan Express ticket? Will I have time to eat? … What we’re trying to get is to give people certainty.

The pandemic and the free fall in passenger travel it has caused have led Massport to suspend certain renovation projects indefinitely. In June 2020, Massport’s board of directors voted to cut a five-year, $ 3 billion construction plan by about a third. The plans for a monorail-type shuttle, two parking lots and part of the expansion of Terminal E have been scrapped.

But some plans are moving forward: Passengers will see a new awning outside the Terminal C pick-up area, made of a transparent material to protect them from rain or snow while letting in natural light. It will be covered by solar panels that feed the airport’s electricity grid, Massport spokeswoman Jennifer Mehigan said.

In the years to come, passengers will also see updates on the often congested routes leading to Terminals B and C; a connection between these terminals behind security, so that passengers can browse a larger area and visit more restaurants; and more natural light and windows facing the runway in an airport built like a hodgepodge of concrete.

“We [as people] are very good at locking us in rooms, ”said Jorge Barrero, senior and regional design director at architectural firm HKS, who, along with interior design project manager Bethany Fox, wrote a series of articles on creating more breathable airports. “We rely on these mechanical systems and these filters, and often they are changed. But how often do we just want to be able to open a window, right? And it’s something difficult to do in an airport.

Barrero and Fox, who aren’t involved in the Logan redesign, said incorporating elements of nature and natural light can help make the trip a little more relaxing.

“We worked on a research project to bring in more natural light and increase air quality for passengers – and from those small-scale solutions you can integrate the creation, you know, talking of those little pockets of space, where we can relax and have some fresh air, ”Fox said. The goal in the end would be to “work our way towards this brand new prototype which has an open air for all”.

In recent decades, designers have tried to move away from airports for “non-places” – the term French anthropologist Marc Augé proposed to describe spaces devoid of personality, meaning or belonging – towards something more. thing with a more distinct local flavor.

“I think you really want to give a sense of ownership, and that’s for every airport,” said Rebecca Hollins, associate director of the architecture firm PGAL which works on the design of interiors in the connection between terminals. B and C. “You want to know you’re in Boston.

It can take the form of public art; Hollins described a planned art exhibit featuring musicians and Boston venues, which will include QR codes that passengers can scan to hear the artists’ music. It can also come from using local retailers or restaurants, like Legal Sea Foods or Stephanie’s, in places that were previously reserved only for national chains.

Passengers checked in at Terminal C at Boston Logan International Airport.
Passengers checked in at Terminal C at Boston Logan International Airport.Craig F. Walker / Globe Staff

“It gives the passenger a neat, regional experience,” Hollins said.

Despite some delays at the start of pandemic closures, the drop in passenger volume has meant that some of these changes are slightly ahead of schedule.

“The challenge for Massport is that we are in an ongoing renovation,” said Burdi, director of capital programs for Massport. “I would like the space to welcome them to Boston and give them a warm hug when they leave.”

You can reach Gal Tziperman Lotan at or 617-929-2043.

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Interlomas de coliving / A-001 Taller de Arquitectura Sun, 21 Nov 2021 20:00:00 +0000

Interlomas de coliving / A-001 Taller de Arquitectura

© Sandra Pereznieto© Sandra Pereznieto© Sandra Pereznieto© Sandra Pereznieto+ 21