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Los Angeles’ LA hub has become a mecca for shopping and dining worth visiting in recent months. The new kid on the block is Atrio, interior designer Jeremiah Brent’s first dream boutique where a museum-worthy display of new and vintage furniture, custom ceramics and beautiful pantry items feels like an invitation. personal to a higher life.

Brent, Berkus and their two children, Poppy and Oskar, welcomed guests like Athena Calderone and Drew Scott into the store with warm hugs before setting them free to check out the shop’s countless objects of affection. Lounging around the furniture with charcoal margaritas or champagne in hand, guests nailed the dress code to “reflect Atrio’s palette at night with cocktail attire,” as stylish as the store itself. in an earthy palette of browns, blacks and metallics.

Early in the evening, Brent gave a short speech to welcome the guests. He talked about the store’s philosophy that living beautifully should be within reach, and mentioned his grandmother, whose beautiful greenhouse served as the inspiration for the store.

By the end of the night, it became easy to remember the event as an intimate cocktail party at Brent and Berkus. A feat for a store opening party and an exciting way to welcome the new store to Los Angeles.

Sumrall prepares for Sumrall Angel Project to refurbish angel decorations Mon, 03 Oct 2022 23:41:32 +0000

The Town of Sumrall is gearing up for the Sumrall Angel Project to raise funds to refurbish the angel decorations that adorn Main Street during the holiday season to honor lost loved ones.

Officials are in the process of starting the project and will give families who have lost loved ones a first chance during the renovation. This will be followed by a community event in November open to all residents.

“It’s just to continue to support the memorial angels that we’ve used every holiday season for the past several years,” Mayor Joel Lofton said. “We started using them a few years ago, and many of the original angels, we do our best to keep them in as good a condition as possible.

“But when they go up, usually the week before Thanksgiving, and then stay up until Christmas, that’s a lot of time in the elements for these angels. If they’re out every year for four to six weeks, the garlands and lighting — and some of the things that keep them looking good — need fixing.

City officials are currently contacting families who have purchased angels in the past to honor a lost loved one. These families will have the first opportunity during the renovation at no cost.

“(These families have) already invested in these, and we certainly don’t want to ask them to do it again,” Lofton said. “Some of these angels are around $800, and that’s a substantial investment.

“So those who have already bought angels, we will provide the material that we have obtained from donors. If (families) want to make an additional donation, they are welcome to do so, but we are not going to ask. Families will have approximately three to four weeks (for refurbishment).

Although the authorities do their best to contact these families, this effort becomes a little more difficult over the years. As such, any family member is encouraged to contact Sumrall Town Hall at (601) 758-3591.

Any remaining angels will be available for adoption by five-person angel adoption teams for a $25 fee, with all proceeds going to the renovation. Each adoption team will receive up to five spaghetti dinners, courtesy of city officials.

Additional plates will be prepared and made available to anyone wishing to donate to the effort.

Each team will also receive the materials needed to refurbish their angel.

These teams will begin their renovations at 11 a.m. on November 13 at Lion’s Club Park in Sumrall, with the adoption and renovation of angels.

“It’s been a few years since the first angels arrived on site at Sumrall, and to be honest, we have a few angels whose families are now almost all gone,” Lofton said. “They just don’t have anyone to take care of this angel.

“So we will be reaching out to families and community organizations, churches, Sunday school groups, to give them the opportunity to adopt an Angel for Project Angel. Even those who are not adopting, if they wish to contribute to the project, we will have enough cooked meals so that if anyone wishes to come by for a meal, they can do so. We will not charge (a fixed price), but it will be on a donation basis.

Registration for Angel Adoption Teams will begin on October 13. For more information on registration, call Sumrall Town Hall.

“It’s just a way to bring the community together and support the memories of those we’ve lost,” Lofton said.

“Interview with the Vampire” has an enduring legacy. Look inside his TV revival Sun, 02 Oct 2022 12:24:00 +0000


It’s been nearly half a century since “Interview with the Vampire” was published, leaving its mark on popular culture. Written by the late Anne Rice, the book became the first of the “Vampire Chronicles”, which includes 12 follow-up novels. “Interview” itself was adapted into a 1994 feature film starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, while a loose adaptation of “Queen of the Damned” hit theaters in 2002.

Now viewers can rewatch “Interview with the Vampire” in a new series on AMC on Sunday nights. Beloved characters like Louis, Lestat, and Claudia are back, but with some updates to their stories.

“We have these books that have literally been played through everyone’s head a million times, and then there’s this movie that grafted that onto another generation of people,” said executive producer and writer Rolin Jones, who acknowledged feeling a “push and pull of how to be reverent and how to make sure you’re not going to be boring to people who already know these stories pretty well.

Jones and production designer Mara LePere-Schloop spoke to CNN about reimagining “Interview with the Vampire” for television and keeping the supernatural, sultry, and lavish adaptation in keeping with the source material.

Bringing “Interview with the Vampire” to TV involved building a “universe,” Jones said, who kept the other “Vampire Chronicles” in mind while planning everything from character details to overview. . (Lestat, played by Sam Reid, saw some “rewriting” in later books, as Jones observed – starting with a more fleshed-out backstory in the second novel, 1985’s “The Vampire Lestat”.)

The titular interview takes place in the present day; the 1994 film, its screenplay written by Rice, also placed the interview in modern times. Like the novel, the short story “Interview with the Vampire” centers on Louis, who recounts how he became a vampire with Daniel Molloy, a character first introduced to readers as an anonymous young journalist.

This Daniel, played by Eric Bogosian, is an older veteran reporter, but he’s essentially “the same guy,” Jones said. The show alludes to an earlier interview between Daniel and Louis from the 70s – a callback to the novel.

Vampire Louis de Point du Lac (Jacob Anderson) with his mortal sister Grace de Pointe du Lac (Kalyne Coleman) in

Louis, played by Jacob Anderson, has new origins. In previous iterations, he owned a plantation near New Orleans in the late 1700s, when he met Lestat. The new Louis, still subject to periods of melancholy, guilt and self-loathing, is a black brothel owner in early 20th century New Orleans when his story begins.

The changes made were partly the result of wanting to focus on a “period as aesthetically exciting as the 18th century without digging into a plantation story that no one really wanted to hear now,” Jones said. He noted that the character’s lineage still traces back to “plantation money” and that his original occupation did not particularly emerge as a point of “self-reflection” in the novels.

Another major character update involves Claudia – only 5 years old when she was turned into a vampire in the novel, although she was portrayed by 11-year-old Kirsten Dunst in the film. AMC’s adaptation further ages Claudia by making her 14 at the time of her transformation. This does not prepare her for the internal turmoil that is setting in.

Bailey Bass plays a slightly aged Claudia, now 14 when she turned into a vampire.

As Actor Bailey Bass said in a featurette Shared on the show’s Twitter account, this Claudia has to “deal with the emotions of a 19-year-old, then 30-year-old, then 40-year-old, while still stuck in this 14-year-old.” young body.

The decision to age Claudia was made in part due to concerns about filming certain scenes, particularly those with more “adult” undertones. Another factor was child labor laws.

“If I wanted to do Claudia on this show, I need as many hours of filming with the actor playing as possible,” Jones said. “And if I put someone under 18 in there, I would have limited hours.”

For LePere-Schloop, who read Rice’s novels as a teenager and credits them somewhat with luring her to New Orleans, her home of two decades, the changes in the TV series aren’t antithetical. to the work of the author. After Rice’s death, her possessions were donated to an archive at Tulane University in New Orleans, said LePere-Schloop, who met the archivist while filming the series.

“Some of the things she was finding out were that Anne was writing short stories and other renditions of the ‘Chronicles’ where Louis was female, or there were other fluid things going on,” she said. “Even in Anne’s writing there is a kind of play with time, place and person.”

The series was filmed in New Orleans, once Rice’s longtime home and an integral part of “Interview with the Vampire.” Immersing the viewer in the updated setting required a fair amount of research.

“We are now talking about a period of New Orleans that has been much talked about, but not very well documented in pictures or captured in film and television, and that is the Storyville period (the red-light district),” LePere-Schloop said. “Culturally, it had such an impact on the city.”

As a resident of New Orleans, she knew that “when a place is badly done, you hear it around town.” She therefore relied on various resources, including the expertise of local historian Richard Campanella.

“He worked with us to capture things he knew from oral histories and anecdotal stories he had documented through time from elements of Storyville,” LePere-Schloop said.

The production was filmed in New Orleans, using a mix of real-life locations and newly constructed sets to immerse viewers in the world of vampires.

The production incorporated the very real history of New Orleans, as well as key locations in the city, in addition to building new sets – like that of Storyville – to bring viewers into this version of the world of Louis and Lestat. .

“Anne used the city as research and reference,” LePere-Schloop said. “We were lucky enough to be able to film in the actual house that Anne wrote Lestat Townhouse to be in the novels. His inspiration for this house is a living museum and we have to use it as an outdoor house.

Creating the interior of the house, albeit on a stage, was also great fun, she said, noting that the original inspiration had “really amazing design details” like a skylight (which was integrated into the script) and moldings.

Different design aesthetics have been used to show the passage of time while the vampires remain unchanged. The sets also served as a reflection of the characters, from the art Lestat brings from Europe to New Orleans to the depressed state the vampire house falls into when things go wrong.

“It’s an emotional landscape as well as a physical one,” Jones said.

Set designer Mara LePere-Schloop aimed to give AMC's adaptation of

LePere-Schloop wanted to avoid portraying a cliché of New Orleans on screen – and similarly she wanted to avoid vampire clichés, opting not to paint everything “brothel red” or put on gothic arches. everywhere. But despite all the historic details embraced by the behind-the-scenes team, there are touches (including extra saturation during the final coloring process, Jones said) that look less natural.

While pondering the show’s palette, LePere-Schloop turned to a book from her childhood – “The Rainbow Goblins” – which had “beautiful and oversaturated” illustrations and helped her land on a more dynamic background. . The world occupied by Louis and Lestat is “sexier” and “lively,” she said, compared to early portrayals of vampires in movies, which tended to be understated and “ruined.”

Even with a few changes to the original scripts, the “Interview with the Vampire” team didn’t ignore the source material – re-reading and “seeing what was in the crevices and cracks” helped them make the show, Jones said.

There are subtle references to characters from later novels and even a quick shoutout to Rice’s Mayfair witches (also the subject of an upcoming AMC series). Characters that did not appear in the film appear here. And – perhaps the most important detail for diehard fans – Lestat and Louis are lovers, in a move that takes the famous subtext of Rice’s previous vampire novels and simply turns it into text.

Lestat (Sam Reid) and Louis (Jacob Anderson) have an openly romantic, if toxic, relationship in this iteration of

What “Interview with the Vampire” alluded to in the ’70s was progressive for its time, Jones said, adding that in the “later books, it’s like there’s this great romance that didn’t never really been written, but we all agree it happened.”

While Jones didn’t water down some of the more toxic aspects of the vampire relationship, he saw tremendous opportunity in how he could portray it in an updated adaptation.

Between Rice’s writings and the 1994 film, which has its fans and critics, Jones acknowledged that the show’s main cast “have big ghosts behind them”. But he praised Anderson – who he pointed out is in almost every scene – and Reid for their stamina, as well as the range of their performances.

As for viewers?

“I would like them to be surprised. For those who know it very well and love it, I want them to stick with it for seven (episodes) and if they’re still mad, that’s cool,” Jones said. “But I hope I did something exciting and exciting for them.”

Inside designer Lou Prentice’s home Sat, 01 Oct 2022 18:00:00 +0000

This elegant family home is brimming with warmth and personality.

Lou with Lenny in the lobby. “The whole house was carpeted, but we opted to sand down the original jarrah planks and stain them black,” says Lou. The table is by Moooi from Space Furniture and the rug is by Gan.Credit:Armelle Habib

The House

A four-bedroom, two-storey brick house, built circa 1912, in south-east Melbourne. It has high ornate ceilings, a formal living and dining room, and a swimming pool.

Who lives here

Lou Prentice, interior designer and decorator, her husband Sam, an investment banker, their daughters Coco, 19, and Polly, 17, her son Henry, 15, and Lenny the cavoodle.

What we have done

“We renovated in three stages,” says Lou. “Before moving in, we did a six-week makeover: painting, carpeting and waxing the floors. Then we landscaped the garden, restored the verandas and reworked the rear living room, adding
a new kitchen and new bathrooms.


my favorite room

“It’s hard to beat sitting in the kitchen in the summer, with all the doors and shutters opening directly onto the Boston ivy-covered pergola,” says Lou.

The hood

“We love being so close to the beach, where I walk almost every morning,” says Lou.

Future plans

“I really love seeing the garden come to life in the spring and can’t wait to open the doors and play outside again.”

best advice

“To immediately bring a feeling of warmth and comfort to a newly completed home, be sure to allocate funds for furniture and soft furnishings in your renovation budget.”

In one corner of the formal dining room, a Faye Toogood chair

In one corner of the formal dining room, a Faye Toogood “Roly-Poly” chair sits next to a large oil on Plexiglas work by Melbourne artist Camille HannahCredit:Armelle Habib

“The kitchen is always busy because I love to cook,” says Lou. “The cabinetry was designed by Templeton Architecture and the mobile island bench is a good service.”Credit:Armelle Habib

“This Zuster coffee table is one of the first pieces we bought, many years ago,” says Lou. “It hosts my stacks of books on design, art and interiors.”Credit:Armelle Habib

“The mirror was left by the previous owners;  it weighs a ton and is a nice nod to the past,” says Lou.  The Riot Cop ceramic sculptures are by Melbourne artist David Ray.

“The mirror was left by the previous owners; it weighs a ton and is a nice nod to the past,” says Lou. The Riot Cop ceramic sculptures are by Melbourne artist David Ray.Credit:Armelle Habib

“The dining room's high ceilings allowed it to tolerate a darker color, so we chose Dulux 'Champignon' for its warmth,” says Lou.  The library is from MDF Italia.

“The dining room’s high ceilings allowed it to tolerate a darker color, so we chose Dulux ‘Champignon’ for its warmth,” says Lou. The library is from MDF Italia.Credit: Armelle Habib

In the master bedroom, a custom-built paneled wall serves as both a headboard and a disguise for the wardrobe behind.  Wall color is Dulux

In the master bedroom, a custom-built paneled wall serves as both a headboard and a disguise for the wardrobe behind. The wall color is Dulux “Mushroom” in half intensity.Credit:Armelle Habib

The informal dining area features floor tiles by Jatana Interiors and a pendant light

The informal dining area features floor tiles by Jatana Interiors and a “Cloud” pendant lamp by Apparatus Studio. The table and chairs are from Zuster.Credit:Armelle Habib

“I love reading here with the morning sun streaming through the leaded window,” says Lou. The chair is by Jardan and the acrylic sculpture by Carmen Greenough.Credit:Armelle Habib

“The house has many beautiful verandas which we restored to their original condition and then added shutters to create outdoor rooms,” says Lou. The “Banjooli” chairs are from Moroso.Credit:Armelle Habib

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Riley’s birthday project grants one wish at a time Fri, 30 Sep 2022 22:02:58 +0000

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – It’s someone’s birthday every day, whether it’s yours, a loved one, or a stranger. But, not everyone is financially able to celebrate with a party, and when Riley Scott heard the news, she knew she wanted to help change that.

At age five, Riley recognized her generous heart and wanted to put it to work. She heard a real-life scenario that is many people’s reality while putting together the guest list for her 6th birthday.

“I said ‘Can we invite them? ‘Cause I know they just had a birthday and they didn’t even throw a birthday party,’ and it just stunned her,” Riley’s mom Mandy Booth said. “Like ‘Why didn’t they have a birthday party?’ And I told her that not all moms can afford plates and decorations and all that kind of stuff.

It was news that Riley didn’t want to accept.

“And she said, ‘Well, we can’t have this, nobody can go without a birthday,'” Booth said.

So Riley decided to put her birthday party on hold and instead have a birthday party where everyone brought toys to give to someone else.

“All of her gifts were for other kids and all of her money, if they gave her money, she took all the money and bought decorations,” Booth said.

Riley’s birthday wish came true that year and has continued since she started Riley’s birthday project.

“It makes me very happy so all the kids can be very, very happy, just like me,” Riley said.

For over a year, she has helped over 30 children throw the right birthday party, which is the icing on the cake.

Riley’s Birthday Project provides a bag of decorations, cake ingredients and a toy for a child in need.

“Now when kids get their toys, they can play with them all day,” Riley said. “Like a little dollhouse, or Minnie or Mickey Mouse, even Hulk.”

Booth is also the director of Dothan’s Preemie Project, where Riley’s birthday project is also located. Riley said her mother’s hard work inspires her.

“I wanted to be like her when I grew up,” Riley said.

This duo is unstoppable when it comes to helping their community.

“It excites me that she constantly wants to give and help and see that when you help, it makes a big difference,” Booth said.

If you need help with your child’s birthday, you can contact Booth at: (850)381-0224. You must present your child’s birth certificate a few weeks in advance to prove it. The age limit is 12, with some exceptions.

Riley’s Birthday Project accepts new and gently used toys.

To donate, you can contact Booth or drop them off at Dothan’s Preemie Project. This address is: 961 Headland Ave, Dothan, AL 36303

“If you’re somewhere and they have to buy one, get one and you know you’re going to save, you know just buy one more because every little bit counts,” said booth.

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Interior design and technology – Toyota GR Yaris Fri, 30 Sep 2022 09:51:24 +0000

Inside story

The interior design of the GR Yaris reflects the car’s performance, particularly around the driver’s cockpit. The layout of the instrument cluster is the same as on the standard Yaris, but with additional functions linked to the car’s specific sporting qualities. The 4.2-inch TFT color multi-information display adds an all-wheel-drive indicator showing torque distribution and selected mode for the GR-Four system and a turbo pressure monitor. Analog meters have white digits with red pointers for high visibility at a glance.

The three-spoke GR sports steering wheel has a smooth grain leather covering and is formed with a cross-section (the GR grip) calculated to provide a perfect fit in the driver’s palm. To keep the spokes tight, auxiliary rocker switches were designed. The lower spoke is finished in smoked silver and features the GR logo in a chrome frame. The column position has been tuned to support a comfortable riding position with a range of manual telescopic and tilt adjustments.

The rest of the interior is finished in black with Smoke Silver trim detailing around the door handles, center console, steering wheel and side air vents.

On the seating side, the front sports seats offer high retention performance. A thicker urethane pad in the pad reduces pressure under the base of the pelvis, while the pad under the base of the spine has been slimmed down, with the inner back rod moved forward, increasing pressure and improving support. The driver’s seat has a manual adjustment range for height, tilt and backrest angle. To facilitate access to the rear seats in the three-door version, the front seats have an increased forward tilt angle.

Both rear seatbacks have a 60/40 folding function and are equipped with Isofix child seat anchor points with top tethers. Further back, the trunk has a capacity of 174 litres. With the rear seatbacks folded down, there’s plenty of room to carry a set of four big tires or a bike. With the accessory battery housed under the deck plank, the car comes with a tire repair kit instead of a spare wheel.

Three versions of GR Yaris are available in the UK. Standard interior specification includes GR-Four all-wheel drive, Ultrasuede seat upholstery, dual-zone climate control and a media system with smartphone integration and an eight-inch touchscreen. Drivers can then specify one of two option packs (Circuit or Convenience) as part of their car’s specification.

Connectivity and infotainment

The infotainment system is controlled by an eight-inch screen mounted in the center of the dash, with button and touchscreen controls. Its opening sequence graphics show the GR logo. It offers smartphone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing the driver or passenger to pair their phone.

The standard audio system is a six-speaker arrangement; a premium eight-speaker JBL system comes in the Convenience Pack, along with satellite navigation. Bluetooth and a USB port are included as standard.

In Europe, the car is equipped with eCall, which will automatically report the location of the car to an emergency operator in the event of an impact triggering an airbag. There is also an SOS button which can be used to contact a call center and request emergency assistance. If the vehicle is stolen, it can be located and its location found by contacting the Toyota Smart Centre.

Advanced driver assistance systems

All versions of the GR Yaris are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense, a suite of active safety technologies designed to help prevent or mitigate collisions.

The latest Toyota Safety Sense uses a combination of a monocular camera sensor and millimeter wave radar. The Pre-Collision System with Vehicle Detection now operates at higher speeds while its Day and Night Pedestrian Detection, Daytime Cyclist Detection, Collision Mitigation Assist features, Cruise Control Intelligent Adaptive Speed ​​Control, Lane Keeping Assist, Fatigue Monitor and Emergency Steering Assist

The Convenience Pack helps the driver maneuver safely with the addition of blind spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert, as well as front and rear parking sensors. The car is fitted with a reversing camera as standard.


Throughout the GR Yaris, the focus has been on saving weight, using lightweight metals and materials used in key areas.

In a first for a Toyota model, the roof is made of a new forged (rather than woven) carbon material, C-SMC (Carbon Sheet Molding Compound), which saves 3.5kg per compared to a steel roof and helps lower the center of the car. gravity.

Aluminum is used for the bonnet, tailgate and front doors, marking a weight reduction of around 24 kg. Overall, the body is about 10 percent aluminum and weighs about 38 kg less than the previous generation Yaris hatchback. Thin steel plates are used in the fenders and spars, with light and strong high-strength steels in critical areas to ensure the car’s structure can safely absorb and dissipate impact forces.

The doors of the three-door GR Yaris are aluminum and have a hardtop design with frameless windows. This reduces walking and allows the glass to sit more tightly against the body, improving its sealing performance at high speeds and removing the need for door reinforcement.

The tailgate was redesigned to match the lower roofline and three-door body shape of the GR Yaris. The interior and exterior panels are made of aluminum, which further reduces the mass of the car.

The rear bumper is made of TSOP (Toyota Super Olefin Polymer) which allows for a thinner construction, resulting in a 38% weight reduction. TSOP also offers an environmental benefit, being easily recyclable.

The GR Yaris Circuit Pack equips the car with lightweight forged alloy wheels with very stiff spokes. These further reduce the overall weight of the car, by 10 kg.

On the road

Overall, the interior is quintessentially Toyota – practical and comfortable. Its climate controls are, thankfully, separate from the touchscreen with easy-to-use rotary dials while driving. It is built at a Toyota Gazoo Racing production facility, established within Toyota’s Motomachi plant in Japan. Competing models include the Ford Fiesta ST and the Hyundai i30N.

Locals rally around a Santa Rosa rebuild for two healthcare workers Thu, 29 Sep 2022 21:31:53 +0000

You know you’re visiting a spirited home when the owners show off a pet named Barack O’Llama. It’s the atmosphere of the farmhouse owned by Natalie Marks and Kevin Howe, perched on the hills above the Rincon Valley in Santa Rosa.

Howe, originally from Santa Rosa, is an orthopedic surgeon; Marks, who grew up in Santa Barbara, is a medical assistant. The couple lead a blended family with five children between them, two in college and three still living at home full time. The family’s many farm animals are also at home full-time: the presidential llama, as well as alpacas, two oxen, chickens, rabbits and pigs that the children raise for 4-H.

All children are expected to participate in the farm. “It makes them well balanced and they understand where the food is coming from,” says Marks. “Besides, it’s good quality food.

Howe and Marks bought the 7-acre property and a quirky Cape Cod-style home in 2016, looking for a place where their family could find a connection to each other and to the land.

They lived there for just a year before losing the house in the 2017 wildfires.

In the aftermath of the fire, the couple’s thoughts were already turned to reconstruction. Howe reached out to a former Santa Rosa High School classmate, Kevin Zucco of ZFA Structural Engineers. Within a week, he had helped Howe and Marks connect with two other Santa Rosa residents: architect Nate Bisbee and builder Richard Kirby, a volunteer firefighter who had fought the blazes.

“We had some really great people right away,” recalls Howe. “We had people we could trust who were part of our community. I mean, everyone who worked on this house is from here.

The Marks/Howe family is active in the local 4-H community and the children raise pigs, llamas, alpacas, steers, sheep and chickens. (Eileen Roche)
The Marks/Howe family is active in the local 4-H community and the children raise pigs, llamas, alpacas, steers, sheep and chickens. (Eileen Roche)

The family never considered leaving Sonoma County. On the one hand, Howe says he couldn’t leave his medical community. (His father is a retired family doctor from Santa Rosa.) Howe was back at work seeing patients and performing surgery just days after the fires. “I feel like a very good surgeon, so I want to see and help people in my community,” he explains. “Isn’t that why I’m doing this?” »

Marks and Howe lived with the kids in a Petaluma rental during the two-year rebuild, returning home in December 2019. Architect Nate Bisbee says his clients insisted the rebuild was an enjoyable process.

“Obviously they were stressed and going through some kind of trauma,” Bisbee says. “At the same time, they had this positively fun attitude about building this house.”

The original house in the rural community of Rolling Oaks had multiple levels and a 1970s aesthetic. Howe and Marks wanted the new place to be clean, modern and simple in design. The white painted exterior, corrugated iron roof and large front porch reflect an agricultural atmosphere. And with 3,770 square feet of open-plan living space, there’s plenty of room for the family to spread out.

In the living room, the defining feature is an elk skull above a new gas fireplace. (Eileen Roche)

The house is on one level, with the exception of a bedroom on the ground floor and a wine cellar. A sliding glass door opens from the main living areas onto the terrace, dominated by a swimming pool and hot tub. “The pool is a dream I wasn’t going to give up no matter what, even when we were having budget issues with our building,” says Howe.

Trademarks prevailed over other features, including the grand staircase at the home’s entry, heated towel racks in the master bathroom, and a washer and dryer in the walk-in closet.

A 20-foot dining table, constructed from sycamore by Jesse Almos of Sonoma Woodworks, anchors the dining area, alongside a large family kitchen with a quartz island. In the living room, the defining feature is an elk skull above a new gas fireplace.

Howe, who is a hunter, had taken the animal on a hunt in Colorado before the fires. The fact that he survived the fire to be fitted into their rebuilt home is symbolic of the family’s journey, he says.

The rebuilt terraced gardens are now filled with pollinator-friendly plants and new fruit trees. (Eileen Roche)
The rebuilt terraced gardens are now filled with pollinator-friendly plants and new fruit trees. (Eileen Roche)

Howe and Marks often sit on the porch in the evenings, sipping glasses of wine and watching the sun go down. From there, they also have a bird’s eye view of two of the property’s three paddocks. Marks says she “feeds her soul” as she walks among the reconstructed terraced gardens, now filled with pollinator-friendly plants and new fruit trees. Another favorite hangout is the pool deck, where the couple take in the view, chat about their day, and listen to the birds and animals. From the hot tub, they can watch bats scour the pool for insects.

In these moments of calm, the couple say they feel grateful to be home again, in a place that fits their family perfectly by design. “We definitely played a part in how this house turned out,” Marks says.

“And that means something.”


Manufacturer: Richard Kirby, Annadel Builders, Santa Rosa,

Architect: Nate Bisbee, Bisbee Architecture + Design, Santa Rosa,

Interior design : Carrie Bisbee, Bisbee Architecture + Design, Santa Rosa,

Landscaping: Tami Soler, Renaissance Garden Design, Sonoma County,

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Endless opportunities with Medite MDF Thu, 29 Sep 2022 18:38:54 +0000

Engineered wood panels offer fabricators, furniture makers and fit-out contractors the flexibility to create durable, elegant and intricate designs.

Over the years, Medite Smartply has continuously developed innovative, versatile and durable products suitable for bespoke creations that showcase the company’s philosophy; from its sustainably managed forests to its commitment to creating products that contribute to healthier buildings.

As a market-leading manufacturer of environmentally-produced and sustainable engineered wood panels, Medite Smartply is committed to evolving specialist and engineered products in all markets to provide value-added solutions throughout along the supply chain.

Specializations include Medite Tricoya Extreme (MTX) – a lightweight panel guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground. It is particularly advantageous in environments where humidity and weather variations are typically concerns, providing manufacturers and designers with unlimited design freedom. It has been used to create furniture in luxury homes, planters in outdoor spaces, and cabinetry in bathrooms and bedrooms. It was also the main material used for the centerpiece of the Medite Smartply Building the Future Garden designed by award-winning landscape and landscape architect Sarah Eberle at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year.

The Medite MDF range also includes Medite PREMIER FR, the MDF with integrated flame retardant, and Medite CLEAR, an MDF panel manufactured without added formaldehyde which has been developed specifically for use in environmentally sensitive interior applications such as museums. .

Adding to this list is Medite OPTIMA. Medite OPTIMA is ideal for applications where users require increased density, unrivaled machinability and superior surface quality to standard moisture resistant panels.

This innovative new panel is perfect for kitchen and bath furniture, architectural trim, window panels, flooring, and general interior millwork where a premium moisture resistant panel is required. Medite Optima is suitable for damp indoor conditions and is manufactured in accordance with EN 622-5.

Chris King, Managing Director – Commercial at Medite Smartply, commented: “We are delighted to introduce Medite OPTIMA to the market, expanding Medite’s range of high performance moisture resistant products. This innovative panel can be used for virtually any interior application requiring increased moisture resistance.

“As a company, we are committed to bringing innovative products and solutions to an ever-changing industry – solutions that not only meet market demands, but also contribute to a healthier environment and help fight pollution. climate crisis.”

The Medite MDF range is FSC certified and CARB2 compliant, making it ideal for designers, fabricators and architects looking for more sustainable solutions for their projects.

An additional demonstration of the unlimited design capabilities of the products can be found on the Medite Smartply MDF community site, which invites Medite MDF enthusiasts to share their work, get inspired and even win prizes that will allow the user to build bigger and better with MDF. Sign up and receive a free gift.

Find out more about the Medite MDF range on the Medite website.

Disturbing Halloween decoration falls after residents complain Thu, 29 Sep 2022 02:26:00 +0000

A Harnett County family removed a Halloween decoration that many residents interpreted as an offensive display.

Journalist: Aaron ThomasPhotographer: Ryan Terhuneweb editor: Ryan BisesiJob Updated

Yes, Gerald. And tonight we’re outside the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, where investigators got involved in this case. They say they actually stopped by the house and once they had a chat with the family, they took it off the display when they realized the harm it had caused to this community. I just walked past it and it looks so real I stopped screaming at first glance for D’Angelo McDougall an exhibit showing what appears to be a fully clothed man with his hands tied behind the back, hanging from a tree. If you pass by and just take a look, you’ll be like someone hanging from a tree. McDougall posted the image on social media in hopes of shedding some light on the situation. Since tonight it’s been shared more than 360 times, with locals who’ve seen it in person saying it’s hitting close to home for families of color. My daughter is mixed race, she is white, black and Indian and I don’t want her to grow up seeing these things. When we passed the house this evening, the exhibit had been dismantled. Maj. Aaron MEREDITH with the Harney County Sheriff’s Office told me that investigators had spoken with the owners of the controversial exhibit, The Family as a Hispanic Family Halloween decoration that they had installed. And I guess once that’s been explained to them with, you know, kind of how it’s perceived. They were very, they realized they were very sorry and they took it down immediately, Harney County residents who spoke out, grateful to see a positive resolution. If the intent wasn’t what we thought, then uh, you know, that’s the best outcome, and community members say they hope it’s a learning lesson for the family involved . Investigators say there is no policy prohibiting these types of postings on private property.

I’m an interior genius, here’s how to instantly make any room, no matter how small, look bigger Wed, 28 Sep 2022 11:03:50 +0000

AN INTERIOR design guru has shared 3 ingenious hacks that could give your bedroom a stunning makeover and the illusion of spaciousness.

She claims these simple tips could make even the smallest bedroom look bigger.


The interior design genius shared these 3 simple tricks to make your room look biggerCredit: tiktok/@gabbychristine_

Using the Gabby Christine pull, the DIY pro says these quick and easy hacks will give the room an instant lift and feel bright and airy.

For the first tip. The interior design wizz started by telling her followers to get rid of all the clutter and oversized furniture that was in the bedroom.

She said: “I removed the desk from my bedroom for a much smaller chest of drawers.”

By doing this, it was clear to see that she had freed up so much walking space in the bedroom.

For the second tip. she replaced the curtains in the small room.

In the voiceover, she said, “The next thing you want to do is get rid of those ragged curtains and replace them with white sheers.

You should hang them as high on your ceilings as possible.

By doing this, Gabby insisted, the hack will make your room look brighter, taller, and bigger.

For her final piece of advice, Gabby said you should get rid of all unwanted items.

She said getting rid of unnecessary items from your bedroom would make it much bigger and much less cluttered,

Followers of his TikTok page have flocked to the site to comment on the game-changing ideas.

Shamar wrote: “So helpful.” While Hellomarisa added: “It means so much. I love your room and our room seems about the same size so that helps a lot.

Gabby often shares her DIY interior decorations with her followers. She recently shared a bathroom renovation and how she decluttered her living room space.

Gabby also likes to play with exterior design by creating beautiful hacks for outdoor living spaces.

She recently gave her yard a stunning makeover that included plants and a waterfall with dramatic results.

getting rid of bulky furniture will make a huge difference


getting rid of bulky furniture will make a huge differenceCredit: tiktok/@gabbychristine_
She said using white curtains would give your bedroom a light and airy feel.


She said using white curtains would give your bedroom a light and airy feel.Credit: tiktok/@gabbychristine_
Getting rid of all unnecessary items also gives the illusion of space


Getting rid of all unnecessary items also gives the illusion of spaceCredit: tiktok/@gabbychristine_