Five tips for transforming small spaces


A small space is a great opportunity to play creatively, without compromising on comfort.

Small spaces can turn into “smart” areas with the right ideas and innovative designs.

A limited area of ​​the room can open up and be spacious with a practical floor plan, infrastructure, lighting and the right furniture.

For design ideas to transform small spaces, the sun approached interior designer Shini Petrina Raman, the founder and creative mind of VSQ Design and Decorate, which has been designing homes for nearly a decade.

The naturally talented talent Shini also has a great eye for furniture.

She has plenty of tips, tricks and ideas up her sleeve for transforming limited spaces into beautiful accommodation, meeting the resident’s lifestyle needs.

She designs small spaces that are both stylish and functional and sometimes shares her brilliant ideas through social media posts.

Shini began her journey in interior design after receiving compliments for a nail spa she owned.

“I designed and built the nail spa without hiring an interior designer. Many of my clients have given positive comments about my spa decor.

I thought I must have a knack for it, ”said Shini.

“I renovated my parents’ house and shared the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos on social media.

“I was inundated with so many messages from people assuming I was an interior designer. Today, I am the founder and main designer of VSQ Design and Decorate, ”she said.

“I am often drawn to modernism, but carefully injecting timeless design elements into a space. I started my career designing kitchens because it was my favorite space to build back then and still is today.

“Being an interior designer taught me a lot about myself. From self-doubt to developing self-confidence, I have managed several jobs at the same time, ”she added.

Here are five tips from Shini to transform your small space.

1. Natural light

I always stress the importance of natural light in a small space and with proper planning a small space can open up and make the space bigger and more pleasant to live in.

2. Get creative with storage

Make the storage functional inside and maybe have mirror doors to hide the storage. Mirrors will add some depth to the space, but go with frameless mirror doors for a sleek look.

3. Be bold with one or two elements

In a neutral color setup (upholstery tone), add an eccentric armchair or large canvas on a wall that draws attention to detail and gives the space a comfortable and welcoming look.

Don’t be afraid of colors in a small space, don’t overdo it.

4. Choose lighting that can be wall mounted or hung overhead to free up floor space.

Swivel arm sconces are a great choice for a small space as they add dimension to walls. It would be an ideal situation for small living spaces.

5. Large rugs

This is one of my favorite tips for small spaces. A large rug not only visually breaks the floor, but it can also help anchor the space and give you a good base piece to design the rest of the room.


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