How AD100 architectural designer Praveen Sethi maximized his new studio space in Mumbai

Does the design process change when an architect takes on a personal project? “Yes”, says Pravir Sethi, “I am my worst customer!” Architect AD100 leads Studio Hinge in Mumbai, which specializes in finding versatile design solutions in response to spatial challenges.

When Sethi decided to open a new studio on Marine Drive in Mumbai, he set himself a predicament: Transforming a rented apartment of barely 330 square meters with outdated finishes into an open studio that could accommodate up to to eight employees and a principal architect. , and can be edited to create private spaces if needed.

Operating on a budget, Sethi started by opening up the area using a mostly neutral palette with light, white or light gray woods, in addition to teal-colored acoustic vinyl flooring. This backdrop not only invites and reflects natural light, but also draws attention to the colorful view outside of a garden.

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The desks are hung directly from the walls to reduce clutter at floor level and are deliberately placed along the periphery to leave a central open space for group discussions, mock-ups and other office activities.

Another way to create visual lightness was to use translucent materials such as the polycarbonate ceiling, wire mesh screens and drawers. Bespoke sliding doors, made of translucent polycarbonate panels that divide the studio into a common workspace and a private cabin for the lead architect, are key to making wise use of the limited space while preserving light intake. “When fully open,” Sethi explains, “the doors can be seen as giant inverted commas, which happened more by accident than design, but we think it’s fun!”

The focal point of the space is a custom-built polycarbonate bulkhead, which slides and folds in unusual ways to provide varying degrees of cabin privacy.

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