Ideas for outdoor fireplaces to give a touch of design to your garden

Outdoor fire pit ideas can suit a range of backyards and budgets. So before deciding on a design, it’s worth considering any specific requirements you might have. For example, a semi-enclosed design, such as a ceiling-mounted chimney or fire pit, might be a good option for exposed yards and windy coastal locations, while a simple bowl might suffice in a more sheltered outdoor space. .

“Choosing a fire pit can also be more than a matter of placement and safety,” says Holly Markham, Founder of European Home. “Now you can find designs that really enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, with organic shapes and sculptural features that look just as good when not in use.” For Holly, a fire is a must, whether indoors or outdoors. “Fireplaces provide a gathering place and attract people because of their warmth and visual appeal. They encourage conversation and relaxation, and there is simply an emotional and universal appeal to fire.

They are a wonderful companion for an outdoor kitchen or a gathering place in their own right. But think about what it takes to make them work. When it comes to fuel, a wood-burning outdoor fireplace will bring the atmospheric sounds and smells of a real fire, while a gas-powered model is quick to light, smokeless, and easy to extinguish. For a greener option for your backyard, consider a bioethanol model, which has similar features to a gas fireplace, but with the added benefit of a renewable energy source. No matter what fuel you choose, there are a host of different styles to choose from, whether you opt for a standard fireplace or a bespoke design. We’ve compiled a few ideas to get you started below.

8 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

1. Make a statement with steel

outdoor steel fire pit on a patio with an outdoor sofa in a city backyard

(Image credit: Ancerl Studio)

Canadian multidisciplinary company Ancerl Studio created a beautiful bespoke weatherproof steel outdoor fire as part of this Toronto home’s garden project.

“The custom Corten steel fireplace anchors the backyard and provides contrast to the gentle cedar hedges that line the perimeter of the garden,” says lead architect Nicholas Ancerl of the striking design, which is enhanced by the patina. natural look of steel and fits perfectly into this urban environment. patio.

“The wood-burning fireplace was designed not only to allow for kosher cooking, but also to create the perfect meeting point for a romantic summer night or an evening of roasting marshmallows with the family.”

2. Create a Secluded Conversation Pit

outdoor fireplace in a wooden terrace with black and white deckchairs

(Image credit: Feraland)

When Feraland landscaper Pete McGarr created this sunken fire pit, he chose to hide the space at the end of the home’s leafy yard. “It’s a rustic reinterpretation of the conversation pits that were often typical of mid-century living rooms,” says Pete, who used decking boards and steps cut from larch, and added a chestnut pergola, all two from local sustainable coppice sources. Woodland.

“The sunken fire pit is constructed from Victorian clay cobblestones with a sand and oyster pebble floor, while the cushions are made from vintage grain sacks.”

3. Integrate a fireplace into a terrace

outdoor fire sunken in a modern Scandi terrace

(Image credit: Muji)

We love the design of this outdoor space that extends from one of Muji’s modular buildings. This particular model of Muji Hut features a wide deck that runs the length of the one-room prefab house. “There are no steps between the inside and the outside, where the chimney is part of the deck,” explain the designers of the building. “It creates a strong connection between the inside and the outside.”

The fireplace itself is a new form of outdoor heating – it is made from Ōya stone, a type of Japanese rock formed from lava and ash. “The boundaries between the exterior and the interior are removed and the entire living space is enlarged by design.”

4. Build an indoor/outdoor fireplace

outdoor fireplace with a central mid-century flue and low seating

(Image credit: Erin Feinblatt)

“This is one of our favorite times at Autocamp Russian River,” the team at Anacapa Architecture say of this indoor-outdoor fireplace they created as part of their campground design. upscale in California. “It perfectly encapsulates our constant effort to connect our built and natural environments with minimal disruption in between.”

The custom fireplace was built specifically for the project and features a ground-level gas fireplace with an overhead hood that extends to the ceiling of this semi-covered space.

“Relaxing by a fire in good company, feeling a light breeze and admiring captivating views are great examples of the feeling we try to achieve through our creations.”

5. Keep it contemporary with a fire table

outdoor fire pit with four round wicker chairs facing a central fire pit

(Image credit: Simon Orchard Garden Design)

Outdoor fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes,” says gardener and landscaper Simon Orchard. He added this elegant gasoline fire table from Solus Decor to a sunken seating area in a project.

Crafted from polished concrete, the design elevates the flame while providing the functionality of a coffee table, a focal point of an outdoor living room. Behind the fire table is a bespoke water feature, designed by Simon to further enhance the sense of tranquility in the space. “Water is a great addition to any garden. It adds a dramatic feel, and the soothing sound is a great way to drown out traffic if you live in a built-up area.

6. Opt for an oversized outdoor fireplace

outdoor fire pit in urban garden with stone patio

(Image credit: Marion Brenner)

“This contemporary courtyard garden is a peaceful retreat from the city, extending living space beyond the walls of the house and into the landscape,” says James Lord, founder/partner of landscape architecture studio Surfacedesign Inc.

Here, a concrete fire pit creates a hub for gathering outside on the patio, which is made of stone flagstones interspersed with flowering thyme and sedum plantings. “The hearth itself is an abstract composition of pristine white concrete supported by the undulating surface of a black basalt fountain wall that slides behind the hearth flame,” continues James.

“At night, the courtyard is enlivened by a band of recessed lighting outlining the floating architectural edges and washing the sunken plantings with light.”

large outdoor fireplace installed in a concrete hearth in an urban garden

(Image credit: Marion Brenner)

7. Try a Modern Take on a Fireplace

chiminea fireplace on a concrete patio

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Are you looking for a slender fire pit for a small garden? Morsø’s “Kamino” cast iron fireplace could be the solution. Its sculptural design and large chimney help draw smoke away from where you sit, while the structure is light enough to be moved to different positions in your garden when needed.

“The Kamino outdoor fireplace can be moved and rotated with the winds and can extend the use of your patio from spring to early fall,” explain the designers of this contemporary fireplace, which can also be used for cooking. thanks to the addition of a specially designed grill.

8. Install a suspended outdoor fireplace

outdoor fire pit suspended by a swimming pool in a luxury urban backyard

(Image credit: European Home)

Focus fireplaces were born in the 1960s, when founder Dominique Imbert traded his career as a history teacher in Paris for a metallurgy workshop in the French countryside. Creators of the first hanging fireplace, Focus has been at the forefront of fireplace design for over 50 years.

Dominque Imbert described this model, the Bathyscafocus, as having the style of a chimney of a lunar landscape”, explains Holly Markham, founder of European Home. “It was important for him to offer both beauty and uniqueness. He refused to produce a design if he felt the result wasn’t exceptional, and this one certainly takes outdoor living to a new level.

Are outdoor fireplaces safe?

If you have young children running around, a raised fire pit, or even a deep fire pit, might be a safer choice than a low profile fire pit. Mesh spark screens are available for designs like these, but it’s always worth remembering how hot the bowl can get.

This should also be considered when deciding where to place your fire pit, as radiant heat could affect surfaces such as wood or composite decks. For those who love barbecue, you might prefer a fire pit that can double as an outdoor grill, or even a portable version that you can take on trips and picnics.

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