Loan forgiveness process worries farmers


The procedure for borrowers to take advantage of the 12,100 crore crop loan waiver program has raised concern among some of the farmers who fear that the conditions will affect their chances of receiving crop loans. in the future.

Shortly after the announcement of the mega loan waiver program by Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami, a circular was sent to cooperative societies asking them to collect Aadhaar numbers, copies of voter ID cards and other documents from borrowers to ensure the benefit reaches the right person.

Officials argue that the decision to search for such documents was aimed at determining whether a farmer had taken out multiple loans or not. But some farmers, especially sharecroppers, fear that this could lead to a situation where they may not be able to qualify for loans in the future.

Noting that almost half of the cultivators in the Delta region were sharecroppers, G. Sethuraman, president of Tamizhaga Vivasayigal Nalasangam, said these farmers may have entered into rental contracts with landlords or religious institutions or trusts with land holdings in different villages or under different survey numbers in the same village.

Until then, they obtained harvest loans from cooperative institutions by producing “adangal” – a document issued by the village administrators indicating that such and such had started to cultivate on a particular survey number under the hamlet cadastre. .

Suspecting that the Aadhaar number’s insistence on enjoying the benefits of the current program could be a prelude to the “One Aadhaar, One Harvest” system in the future, Sethuraman feared that such a move would spell the end of landless farmers. or small farmers.

Stating that the disbursement of agricultural loans through cooperative institutions has already become more obscure, P. Sugumaran, Co-Secretary, Thanjavur District Cauvery Farmers Protection Association, observed that any reform aimed at streamlining financial support to the agricultural sector should be implemented in such a way that the interests of sharecroppers, small farmers and marginal farmers have not been affected.


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