Modernform opens inspirational space in its new home on Soi Sukhumvit 49

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Modernform Group Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading home and office furniture brand invites everyone to find inspiration for their lifestyle needs at its new showroom, which is unlike anything you’ve seen. To create its new showroom, the brand transformed a heritage house into a lifestyle community in the heart of Bangkok. Based on a design concept called “House of Fulfilled Living”, “Modernform Forty 9” serves as a space for people who love design, craftsmanship and interior design that impress with their scrupulous attention to detail. The showroom offers a range of services to meet the particular needs of the new generation in terms of lifestyle. Modernform’s new home on Sukhumvit 49 is ready to welcome and inspire first-time guests Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

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Kitipat Nerngchamnong, CEO and Chairman of Modernform Group PLC, Thailand’s furniture market leader with over four decades of experience, is keen to explain the concept of the company’s new platform as a lifestyle community: “Despite the spike in online shopping that we we have seen, Modernform intends to provide an inspiration for our visitors as they spend time in our store and experience our products. We aim to build engagement with our customers while providing them with an experience. is why we first imagined a concept to create a lifestyle space that is not just a “showroom” to offer our customers a space that inspires them and complements their lifestyle.We aim to make the lifestyle of the new generation more accessible.

Modernform opens inspirational space in its new home on Soi Sukhumvit 49 |  News by Thaiger

Kitipat Nerngchamnong, CEO and Chairman of Modernform Group PLC

kitipat adds that the concept of lifestyle space gave rise to Modernform Forty 9. It is located in the middle of Soi Sukhumvit 49, an area accessible by several roads, frequented by multinational residents and also part of the central business district from Bangkok, which is hands- down in one of Bangkok’s liveliest areas. Modernform Forty 9 offers space designed to easily meet the lifestyle needs of urban dwellers. It offers a warm atmosphere and definitely stands out from the rest of the company’s showrooms. Brimming with inspiration for living in style, the new branch not only offers eye-catching and limited-edition products, but also features a design studio where customers can consult with designers to co-create personalized residential and other designs. .

To create a House of Fulfilled Living vibe, Modernform Forty 9 consists of not only its own store but also its friends’ outlets with the aim of adding warmth and color to the lifestyle community. , to know Kaizen Cafe (lifestyle specialty coffee), K+ (a gourmet restaurant in Tokyo), Karmakamet, Cotto, Mahajak, Minor kitchen utensils, Thor, Wallpapers Owls, Tumi, Amber Home & Living Store, D’Atelier Decor, Kustom Karpets, Wana Gallery, Lavenz and Dotlife.

Another highlight of this new home is the beautiful murals by Jackkrit “Nuer” Anantakul, a famous Thai graphic designer and illustrator who has produced stunning artwork for several global brands. Under the theme “Life at Forty 9”, the paintings brought a fun, colorful and upbeat vibe to this home with the designer’s eye-catching palette and unique character designs.

Modernform opens inspirational space in its new home on Soi Sukhumvit 49 |  News by Thaiger

Image via Modernform Forty9

In terms of design concept, Modernform Forty 9, a new space for those who love design, aims to deliver a “Modern Form Experience” in a “5-Sense Collaboration” format. The place gives you a warm and cozy feeling of being at home that will leave you inspired after every visit. The opulent furniture and other decorations have been arranged to bring this house to life at all times.

Starting from the living area, located in the hall facing the main entrance, you will be greeted by a luxury pantry. Its design and function convey an exquisite sense of opulence.

The home office furniture room in the ergonomic selection area houses a range of high-end office furniture for the customer to choose from and experience.

The Condo Living area features the interior design of a condominium show unit with a sofa, kitchen and dining table, and a personal workspace that can be converted into a bedroom.

The Design Studio in the loft hosts a co-working space for visitors. Additionally, it serves as a one-stop design consultation space that offers a wide selection of materials for customers to choose from.

The second floor penthouse showcases luxury living types with a myriad of loose furnishings and Motif products. Special editions of dressing rooms are exclusively displayed in this branch only.

Modernform opens inspirational space in its new home on Soi Sukhumvit 49 |  News by Thaiger

Image via Modernform Forty9

All of the furniture and accessories on display and for sale, curated by Modernform Forty 9, are designed to meet the lifestyle needs of the new generation people. The products display attention to detail in their manufacturing process, and they themselves represent models of perfection in quality, design and function. They come in several shapes and materials and are available in different sizes compatible with the human scale of urban life. Customers can select materials based on their lifestyle preferences.

The showroom houses a design studio that offers interior design services and workplace solutions. Staff are available to create residential and work designs for clients, covering all aspects of design, from creating an initial layout, furniture design and interior design to manufacturing and installation. installation carried out by the company’s team of experts.

Come and get inspiration for your furniture and decoration at Modernform Forty 9, a space for design lovers on Soi Sukhumvit 49. It is open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Stay tuned to our buzzing activities on Instagram at modernform.forty9, or follow our news and check out our special offers at, Facebook: Modernform Furniture and [email protected]: Modernform Furniture. For more information and inquiries please call 02-094-9999.

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