Phoenix man’s Christmas decorations ruined for second year in a row

It’s that time of year again – it’s time to set up the Xmas decorations and spread the holiday cheer – but it looks like the Grinch is out too.

South Phoenix homeowner says his lights and decorations were destroy and everything was filmed.

John Decker says that for the past eight years he has installed Christmas decorations and expanded his festive display every year. But now he’s on edge after kids stop to destroy them.

“One night I went out and it was gone and I was like, where did it go?” Decker said. It seems that those responsible are children.

“I looked at the camera and noticed a kid had just come up and grabbed some scissors and cut them off and cut off the inflatable’s nose,” Decker said.

Over the past two days, he says someone has pulled over at his South Mountain home and that he will destroy something new every time. They first cut his Christmas lights, then stole a light projector, then cut off the nose of an inflatable polar bear.

“It makes me sad, you know, to see. Why would he do something like that? I’d rather see someone take it. Maybe they’ll take it and maybe use it to make a kid happy or something like that, but just to destroy it, I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it, ”Decker said.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. Last year someone stole his snowman.

“A car had pulled over here on this side of the house. The next thing you know, the snowman is moving and taking off, so they took it,” Decker said.

Phoenix police sergeant. Ann Justus says there are ways to protect your decorations.

“Leave your decorations out maybe until a while, maybe when you go to bed around 10 p.m. or something if you can bring the inflatables. You know, for kids who think that is. is a harmless prank, Many of them are crimes, ”Justus warned.

For now, Decker says it’s not about the dollar value of what was taken, but that someone decided to do it in the first place and ruin the holiday spirit. .

“I don’t want to see the kid like, get in trouble. Hope the parents can see it and maybe have a conversation with them. It’s disturbing to see a kid doing something like that on the way. from school, ”Decker said.

He filed a police report and says he will repair and replace his decorations. He’ll also be watching his cameras a bit more closely now.

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