Plaid Cymru promises “the most radical program since 1945”

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Cymru plaid chef Adam Price. Photo by Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru says he is poised to deliver “the most radically ambitious and transformational agenda offered by any party in any Welsh election since 1945”.

Today, party leader Adam Price MS unveils his manifesto for the upcoming Senedd elections and will declare that “practical, deliverable and fully costed policies” will deliver a fairer, greener and more prosperous future for the Land of Wales.

He will also promise a referendum on the independence of Wales in the first term of a Plaid Cymru government, and will say that “Wales and Westminster are increasingly two different worlds”.

The price should define the following policies:

  • A plan to thrive, including a Welsh Green Deal creating up to 60,000 new jobs, a job guarantee for 16-24 year olds, zero-interest loans to help small businesses recover from the Covid and the creation of Prosperity Wales (an economic delivery agency)
  • Giving every child in Wales the best start in life by extending free school meals to all primary school pupils, investing in 4,500 additional teachers and support staff and providing free childcare services to from 24 months.
  • A fair deal for families by reducing the average municipal tax bill, introducing a weekly payment for children of £ 35 per week and providing 50,000 social and affordable housing.
  • A flawless national health and care service providing social care – free at the point of need, training and recruiting 1,000 additional doctors and 5,000 nurses and allied health professionals and ensuring a minimum wage of £ 10 an hour for workers in health.
  • Address the climate and biodiversity crisis by setting a Wales 2035 mission to decarbonize, establish Ynni Cymru (an energy development company) with the aim of producing 100% of Wales’ electricity from energy renewable by 2035, and introduce a nature law with statutory objectives to restore biodiversity by 2050.

“Independently verified”

Plaid Cymru says his manifesto has been independently verified by two of Welsh’s top economists, Professor Brian Morgan and Professor Gerry Holtham.

Plaid leader Cymru will add: “In this Manifesto, we commit to building a nation that offers the possibility of a decent life and a better future for all.

“For the first time in an election in Senedd, the Welsh will be able to vote to take their own future into their own hands. We believe that independence is the only secure and sustainable way to achieve social and economic progress. So a Plaid Cymru government will empower the people of Wales to decide the future of our nation in an independence referendum.

“We are not the country we should be. We are not the country we can be. And we are not the country we want to be.

“Wales has incredible potential as a nation. The problems we have had for generations are not inevitable. We can solve these problems, together. But the first step is to elect a new government that has the ambition to build a new Wales better than the old one.

“Westminster will never work for Wales. We live in different universes. At home, we want to reward our healthcare workers.

“The time to postpone this great Welsh dream of social justice and economic progress for all is over. It is time to make it, brick by brick, the new home of a new nation that we will build ourselves.

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