Pleasanton businesses are required to remove parklets: here’s why

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KRON) – Restaurant owners in Pleasanton have had to tear down parklets for outdoor dining.

The city is demanding that all downtown businesses remove their outdoor facilities so crews can clean streets and prune trees, but it’s a bad time for restaurants that have relied on outside service since the omicron push. .

Maurice Dissels, owner of Oyo restaurant in downtown Pleasanton, has asked teams to remove his $ 10,000 park for alfresco dining, a city ordinance requiring all downtown businesses to remove facilities exterior for street cleaning and tree pruning.

The removal of the parklets was temporary but it was a bad time for Disssels.

“I think our business will suffer,” Dissels said.

Since the last wave of omicron, Dissels said more than half of its customers prefer to eat out and that option is now being phased out.

“Right now it looks like we’re going to have to cut staff, cut our hours of operation, you know. Get that thing out, ”Dissels said.

The Town of Pleasanton is working on a new parklet design with a uniform look.

In a Jan. 4 meeting, the town planner said council companies can expect to see plans for the site by March 1.

The installation of the new parklets is scheduled for early spring.

“We want engineering to watch them, operations, planning, everyone, and then they have to finalize it and not just that, but they have to prepare construction drawings that are really that structural detail that we can then give out.” said town planner Megan Campbell. .

A statement from the Town of Pleasanton reads in part:

This delay will not only help the city to ensure that all long-term design, accessibility and safety standards are properly addressed, but will also allow time for essential maintenance and cleaning of streets that have been postponed for two years due to the presence of temporary pop-ups. along the main street. The city is working closely with its local businesses and the Downtown Pleasanton Association to ensure a smooth transition to its parklet program.

For restorers on hold like Dissels, the sooner the better.

“The city is well aware of how this has affected us,” Dissels said. “I hope that is the case and that they are successful in preparing these plans and delivering them to us, so I support them.”

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