The “ Watt ” should be the standard for Decorative Summer Street lights

Orange Summer Street is described as ‘magical’, ‘spectacular’ and ‘breathtaking’ on social media, with the array of string lights and string lights on almost every tree.

Traditionally, decorative lights appear in November and December to mark the start of the Christmas season.

They signify the onset of warm weather, alfresco dining, Christmas catch-up and vacations.

They instill a sense of excitement because they are seasonal.

The fairy lights and string lights in the trees of Sale Street in Peisley Street are unmistakably bright and beautiful, but is it better to turn them on every now and then so that they keep that special element about them?

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the council would ask the community for their opinion on how often the lights should be on.

“The lights are absolutely fantastic and the response has been overwhelmingly positive from the community,” said Cr Kidd.

“I’ve heard stories of parents driving their kids down Main Street at night just to show them the magic of Summer Street.

“The swagger replacements and extensions were completed last year and the fairy lights in the trees were lit in April, so it’s still a novelty. We are not used to seeing such a wonder as we make our way to the CBD at night.

“What the Council is asking from the community is their opinion on whether having the lights on all the time means that they will lose some of their uniqueness.

“I compare it to having the Christmas tree all year round, does that mean that it just becomes a decoration in the background and loses its importance?”

“Or the alternative view is that we leave the lights on all the time and every visitor who comes to the city will see the beautiful Main Street in all its glory no matter what time of year it is.

“I am delighted with the response to date to such a simple and cost effective boost to our CBD area.”

Main Street in Orange has had scalloped lights for many years and they were colorful. Last year, the festoons were removed and replaced with white LED lights, saving Council over $ 3,000 per year in electricity.

The change from colored lights to white lights was made because the colored LED lights, which could endure the orange climate, could not be obtained.

However, it is inevitable that bulbs will break over time and the less often they are lit, the less they will need to be replaced. Replacing the bulbs comes at a cost as the work has to be done at night with a partial road closure.

In addition to the fairy lights in the trees and the fairy lights above, the Council recently installed $ 1.5 million of “Whiteway” LED street lights in the CBD. These lights will stay on at night and are not part of the discussion of how often the lights should be on.

Anyone wishing to have a say in the frequency of the lights on Summer Street should head to The YourSay Orange page of the Orange town hall.

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