These ’80s sports cars have aged incredibly well (5 that are now hideous)

The bold and angular design trends of the 80s gave birth to many unusual cars. But while some of them still look great today … others are difficult to watch.

The 1980s were an exciting time for the world. The IBM personal computer has been unveiled. The cold war has ended. NASA launched its first space shuttle. Technology was advancing at a rapid pace and humanity was focused on innovation and progress. The 1980s were also an incredible time for automobiles.

Almost 100 years after Carl Benz created the first automobile, new decades ushered in new technologies and body styles for vehicles that took the world by storm. As we approached the 21st century, we dreamed of the future and sought to bring back to the present elements of those grandiose visions for years to come. These futuristic thoughts brought a new era of design and engineering to 80s vehicles. Some of these 80s vehicles left a lasting impression and remain dear to the hearts of car enthusiasts. Others … not so much. Here is a list of five 80s sports cars which ages like fine wine and 5 which ages like spoiled milk.

ten Well aged: BMW M3 1988

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Decades later, the 88 BMW M3 is still iconic. The ’88 was one of the first high performance BMW M3s ever made. The “M” for motorsport is well justified because this beast produces a power of 192 horsepower.

BMW M3 from 1988

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This M3 was designed to have the performance of a race car while incorporating the comfort and convenience of a road car.

9 Well Aged: 1982 DeLorean DMC-12

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One of the stars of the years 1988 Back to the future, the DeLorean is still considered one of the most innovative vehicles of its time. It reminds car enthusiasts of a bygone era while managing to appear futuristic decades later.

Delorean DMC-12

Via: Mecum

The DeLorean DMC-12 might not be as fast or sporty as some of its competitors, but its unique design has managed to capture the hearts of generations of car enthusiasts.

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8 Well aged: Ferrari F40 1987

Via: Ferrari

The 1987 Ferrari F40 occupied the pages of many automotive calendars. This sporty and luxurious classic only gets better with age. It’s no surprise that the value of this coupe has historically sold for more than triple its original price. Its 201 mph top speed isn’t too shabby either.

Via HyperForgedWheels

The 87 Ferrari F40 was one of the classic sports cars that kept the Italian manufacturer at the the pinnacle of speed and style in the 80s.

7 Well aged: Porsche 959 1989

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The 1989 Porsche 959 was fitted with a turbocharged engine and outclassed the 911 in many ways. It wasn’t only one of the fastest sports cars on the market at the time, it was also one of the most stylish.

via car and driver

The body style of this Porsche may not match modern sports cars, but its high performance specs and unique bodywork make it a classic.

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6 Well Aged: 1987 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II

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The 87 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II was equipped with a 160 horsepower twin rotor engine and a top speed of 143 mph. The body styling perfectly captured the quintessential ’80s automotive aesthetic with its hidden headlights and sleek hood scoop.

1985 Mada RX7


The Pure Red colourway is iconic and this RX-7 Turbo II reminds car enthusiasts of the days when the manufacturer was at the top of their game.

5 Has not aged well: 1985 Oldsmobile Calais

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General Motors closed Oldsmobile in 2004 because it had become extremely unprofitable. The automaker was in better shape in the 80s but the ’85 Calais reminds us that we could live without the company.


The dated body styling and tacky interior and exterior colors make this coupe a ride that even grandpa wouldn’t be proud of. Oldsmobile produced some great muscle cars in the 1960s, but the Calais proves that their best days were sadly behind them.

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4 Has not aged well: Hyundai Excel 1986


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The square exterior, rectangular headlamps, and horrid positioning of the radio antennas didn’t age well on the Hyundai Excel 86. Hyundai may have designed a sedan to match its era, but there is nothing wrong with it. desirable in the aesthetics of this car today.

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Hyundai’s current sedans prove that the Hyundai Excel 86 was not exactly built to stand the test of time.

3 Has not aged well: Cadillac Eldorado 1986

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The ’86 Cadillac Eldorado was barely the gold standard in the mid-1980s, so it doesn’t stand a chance these days. Its extremely long hood, ugly front bumper and grille, and large dated rectangular headlights are a relic of the past that no one seems to miss.


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If an auto enthusiast wanted a Cadillac in the ’80s, it would be the Fleetwood Brougham V8 superior coupe.

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2 Has not aged well: Ford Thunderbird 1980

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The 1980 Ford Thunderbird comes from a great lineage, but the legendary automaker clearly missed the mark on this one. The personal luxury coupe was a tough sell and led to big financial losses for Ford.

1 Has not aged well: 1983 AMC Eagle 4X4 Station Wagon

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Station wagons may have been all the rage between the 1950s and 1970s, but all good things have to come to an end. If you don’t leave early, you risk falling flat like the ’83 AMC Eagle 4X4 Station Wagon.

Via Mecum

It’s hard to find anything to exchange about this wagon other than the personal nostalgia former owners may have. It is better to leave some things in the past.

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