Zara shoppers let ‘awkward’ Christmas decorations scream

We’ve all been trapped by a beautiful product online, whether it’s clothing, furniture, or food.

Zara shoppers got the shock of a lifetime after their line of crochet Christmas decorations went up for sale on their website, and not in a good way!

Customers were amazed at how different the product photo was from the real deal, so much so that one particular post was placed on a ‘goofy Zara’ Instagram account, where it was torn in the comments. .

Instagram vs reality. [Credit: Instagram/awkwardzara]

The account posted a side-by-side, in which the “Crochet Gingerbread Christmas Ornament” was featured alongside a customer’s photo of the actual product. It’s safe to say these items were sisters, not twins!

The professional product photo showed a smiling cookie cutter gingerbread man with adorable buttons sewn on. While the client’s photo centered on a misshapen pile of wool with a strange resemblance to Mr. Blobby.

Make no mistake, the decor is still adorable. But it’s Instagram versus reality at its least flattering!

The gingerbread man caused a sensation. [Credit: Unsplash]
The gingerbread man caused a sensation. [Credit: Unsplash]

Writing on Instagram, the account owner said: “Zara’s ‘crocheted’ Christmas tree decorations (apparently they’re knitted according to many of you) are a real lesson in the dangers of Pinterest compared to reality. .

“If you want puffy gingerbread men, hamsters in bear disguise, or Christmas trees that look like they’ve been scribbled by a 6 year old hanging from your branches this year, you know where to go!”

The post received nearly 3,000 likes, with commentators going so far as to debate the legitimacy of the photos.

Do you think it was a Zara original? [Credit: Unsplash]
Do you think it was a Zara original? [Credit: Unsplash]

“Didn’t someone just make these really bad and put a Zara tag on the lols? [sic]? “said one user.

“[Zara] are just trolling at this point, ”another commenter said.

“It’s offensive to a knitter,” continued a third. “They advertise crochet but sell bad knitting.”

Tyla contacted Zara for comment.

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